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The Importance Of Juice Consumption In the United States

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From a sugarcane juicer to commercial juice extractors, juice is incredibly popular all throughout the United State. In fact, per capita in the year of 2015 alone, people in the United States consumed more than six and half gallons of juice. While all juice has been profitable, some types of juice are favorites among the population of the United States. For instance, orange juice is an old standby, with the total American population consuming as much as more than twenty three and half gallons of the stuff – per person. Apple juice is nearly as popular, as the American population loves apples in all of their many forms. In juice form, as many as fourteen pounds of apple juice will be consumed per person over the course of just one single year.
And the good news is this: juice is good for you! If you’re someone who struggles to meet their daily fruit and vegetable intake needs, drinking juice can help to make up for the deficit, providing a wide array of nutrients, vitamins, and min

What Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

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Be Kind.
Seems like a simple enough request. In reality, challenging a school district full of students, teachers, administrators, and parents to Be Kind is a monumental task. In the city of Omaha, Nebraska, however, the Be Kind challenge is one that is sweeping the entire metropolitan area. From vanilla ice cream cups labeled with the Be Kind mantra to after school sprinkler parties, the 2018 school year is starting with a noble goal: a challenge to treat others kindly.
Whether you are looking for a way to help motivate the students and teachers in your district or you are searching for a way to thank a group of volunteers at the end of a long summer at camp, flavored ice cream cups are a very tasty option.
Screaming for Ice Cream at the End of the Summer
Everyone loves a tasty bowl of ice cream, and the decision to have an Continue Reading No Comments

Coffee Makes The World Go Round Which Basics Should Your Cafe Never Be Without?

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It’s easy to provide the bare minimum. It’s going above and beyond the call that makes you stand out.

Coffee is one of the most beloved drinks around the world. It perks people up in the morning and gives them a little something extra to look forward to when they clock off for their lunch break. This success is a double-edged sword, however. So many cafes means customers are more critical than ever about what constitutes a good cup of joe. Figuring out where your store is falling behind is easy once you get the basics out of the way. This means looking at your coffee accessories and asking yourself what you’re doing to make sure every customer leaves your store happy.

Is it hot soups you’re in need of or white disposable coffee cups? Let’s find out.

Our Worldwide Coffee Market

Throw a stone and you’ll hit a cafe. Talk to anyone about their favorite drink and coffee will likely show up in one form or another. The world is constantly running

6 Qualities of a Reliable Catering Company

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In order to successfully cater an event, many things need to be professionally completed. Caterers must manage cooks, cleaners, dishwashers, and servers. In addition, these separate teams have to all work on different tasks to ensure an event goes smoothly. Statistics show that there are over 300,000 men and women employed in the United States food service management industry. Considering that, it’s understandable to make sure that you find good caterers. With that in mind, here are six signs you’re working with professional catering services.

  1. Finding a Responsive Catering Company
    One of the most important traits when looking for good caterers is their responsiveness. If a company is unreliable during the early communication stages, this will likely happen in later planning phases. Event planning and catering companies must be reliable and responsive to a client’s inquirie