Keg Cap Taps and Growlers for Beer Enthusiasts

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Beer has, for millennia, been a favorite drink around the world, from ancient Mesopotamia to medieval town pubs to any bar or keg party today. The varieties of flavors and darkness or lightness of beers, ales, and lagers is enormous, with many brand names and many countries from the United States to Ireland to Germany and more making many popular brands. But there is more to beer than the drink; the accessories are both stylish and important for transporting and having this drink, and a keg cap tap is a helpful tool for any keg owner, and beer growlers can personalize beer and make it convenient. Many of these items can also make for great gifts for any beer lover.

Who Drinks?

Most beer drinkers are aged 18 or over, depending on where they live, and there are whole communities based around the love of this drink and its endless varieties. Americans are particular lovers of beer of all kinds, and often, domestic brands are preferred. More specifically, about 85% of beer in