Brighten Up Your Meals with Organic Micro Greens

Written by Eat Organic. Posted in Fresh origins herb crystals, Organic microgreens, What flowers are edible

Micro mint licorice
Whether you enjoy fine-dining experiences at home or at local restaurants, you’ve probably tasted organic micro greens. If you have yet to taste them, they are a fresh, delicious form of specialty produce, and have been available for 20 to 30 years.
Organic micro greens can be a tasty addition to omelettes, pizzas, tacos, and other favorite dishes. You may discover that they brighten up the flavors, texture, and color of your meals. Furthermore, since children usually prefer 6 different food colors and 7 different food items on their plates, you can encourage them to eat their vegetables by including different colors of organic micro greens. Adu