Taking A Look At The Widespread Popularity Of Ice Cream And Other Frozen Treats In The United States

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Everyone loves a frozen treat, especially here in the United States. When the weather is hot and the summer days are often muggy and long, having an ice cream cone or even a cup of frozen yogurt is an ideal way to cool off or to even close the day. For many people, ice cream not only transports them back to their nostalgic childhood years, but also provides them with a seasonal treat to enjoy. Many people in the United States, however, will not only enjoy ice cream and other frozen desserts like frozen yogurt cups but also during the winter months (which, in the vast majority of the country, are considerably colder) as well.
In fact, it’s estimated that nearly half of the entire population (around 40% of it, to be a little bit more precise) will actually consume ice cream on a biweekly basis, if not even more frequently than that. On top of this, the average adult is liable to eat ice cream (or other frozen treats such as frozen Continue Reading No Comments

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Designs Are Growing With Popularity

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Using rustic wood in home decor has become a huge trend that is growing daily. You can decorate with wood on the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Here are a few ideas that you can try to incorporate wood into your home decor.
If your a very handy person or have an artistic flair you can use old barn wood, reclaimed wood siding, or old pallets for all types of projects. You can create wood table tops, wood shelves, reclaimed wood chairs, and much more. You can create many custom pieces at local furniture shops as well to ensure your entire home matches. Have you ever looked at a home on the internet and pictured yourself living there and being so happy and comfortable. You can now make this a reality by checking out the homes on Pinterest. Pinterest had over 14 billion home styles which has grown 75% since 2017. You can ge

Change up your restaurant decor and breathe some fresh air into your space

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Looking around at the inside of your restaurant are you tired of looking at the same old furniture? Could the inside of one of your favorite places that you’ve worked so hard on benefit from a change of appearance? Or perhaps you’re looking to draw in new customers with a fresh look to their favorite restaurant to go along with a great food menu. Regardless of the reason you want a change, it is time to look at new furniture that will fit inside of your establishment. How about dressing up your new place with something fresh, clean, and green? Reclaimed wood could be just the type of interior to draw in those new customers and make them happy to keep returning for more.
Wood table tops are always the preferred surfaces for wood restaurant tables. But why not take it a step further by using reclaimed wood for your rustic furniture? Considering that wood makes up about 20% to 30% of waste during demolition and construction, reclaimed wood gives these discarded items new life and ca

4 Ways to Become a Better Coffee Shop Manager

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There’s no doubting the popularity of coffee throughout the United States. In fact, statistics from 2014 found that the United States imported nearly 27.5 million bags of coffee during this year, making this country the world’s largest buyer. This beverage has many more benefits besides tasting great and providing energy. One study found that three to five cups of coffee each day helps to slow the cognitive decline that comes with aging. Statistics show having this amount of coffee each day leads to a 65% decrease in the onset of Alzheimer’s. Before customers can begin enjoying these benefits, you’ll need to get them into your shop. In this post, you’ll learn how to better manage your coffee shop.

Improving How You Manage Your Coffee Shop

While running a business, it’s understandable to feel like things could be improved. If you’re having these feelings, it’s wise to consider changing how you operate your coffee shop. Fortunately, most of these changes are easy to make. I

5 Reasons the Ice Cream Cup is Superior to the Cone

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While the ice cream cone has been around since the early 19th century, not everything was meant to last forever. In the 21st century, we have the technology to create sturdier, even cuppier ice cream containers. Americans eat ice cream an average of 28.5 times per year, and not one of those times should end up with a scoop on the sidewalk because of inferior ice cream containers. It’s time the cone went the way of the dinosaur, beehive hairdos and slap-bracelets. The age of the ice cream cup has arrived!
1.Never dribble down your hand again.
Ice cream cups are specifically designed to hold your ice cream within its sides, unlike cones, which require you to balance your frozen treat like a circus performer. When ice cream in a cup melts, it simply waits for your spoon at the bottom of the cup. On the other hand as your coned ice cream melts it runs down that other hand, up your wrist, and into your shirt. When you’re trying to enjoy a gelato, you shou

Why Your Company Needs Coffee

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Your employees have the Mondays. The 2 p.m. drags. The Hump Day fatigue. If your office breakroom doesn’t have a coffee maker in its breakroom yet, you could be robbing yourself of a lot of efficiency and productivity. Your faithful crew is probably clamoring for a java hookup in the workplace but, if you aren’t convinced, here’s ten reasons to pursue the business coffee solution.
One popular solution that many businesses turn to is coffee delivery service. Coffee delivery service is a quick, efficient way for your employees to get their brews from the places that they love without having to leave their jobs and minimize the waste of company time. Coffee delivery services vary by city, but if you are in a metropolitan area, there are likely many for you to choose from. Keep your employees happy. Harvard has found that women who drink at least four cups of coffee per day are significantly less likely to suffer from depression. Coffee is an essential part of routine

The Trucking Industry Helps Hurricane Victims Recover, Survive

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As many residents of Florida continue to deal with the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael, there are a number of companies that are sending wholesale reefer units to the areas in need. Packed with every thing from medications to milk to meat and cheese products, these wholesale reefer units are often full of donated items from communities across the country who are looking for a real way to help those who are most in need.
Both new and used refrigerated trailers for sale are being put into service as even large corporations are donating their products to hurricane victims who are struggling to make ends meet during a time of difficult transitions. When used reefer trailers for sale can be put into service to help those in need everyone wins. Often there are communities who want to make donations, but no way to get the most needed items to those who are in need.
Wholesale Reefe

Keg Cap Taps and Growlers for Beer Enthusiasts

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Beer has, for millennia, been a favorite drink around the world, from ancient Mesopotamia to medieval town pubs to any bar or keg party today. The varieties of flavors and darkness or lightness of beers, ales, and lagers is enormous, with many brand names and many countries from the United States to Ireland to Germany and more making many popular brands. But there is more to beer than the drink; the accessories are both stylish and important for transporting and having this drink, and a keg cap tap is a helpful tool for any keg owner, and beer growlers can personalize beer and make it convenient. Many of these items can also make for great gifts for any beer lover.

Who Drinks?

Most beer drinkers are aged 18 or over, depending on where they live, and there are whole communities based around the love of this drink and its endless varieties. Americans are particular lovers of beer of all kinds, and often, domestic brands are preferred. More specifically, about 85% of beer in

Taking A Look at The Market For Reclaimed Wood Furniture In The United States

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From paneling made from reclaimed wood to solid wood table tops, reclaimed wood has become incredibly popular for multiple uses here in the United States – as well as all around the world. While the look of wood paneling and the like has long been a popular one, a style that has withstood the test of time in many different ways, the surge in popularity of reclaimed wood is relatively new.
Why use reclaimed wood for your solid wood table tops and rustic furniture and wood paneling? For one, it’ll look great. Mixing different varieties of wood together in one room can add some authenticity to your rustic look. On top of this – and perhaps most importantly – reclaimed wood is not just trendy, it’s environmentally friendly. When you use reclaimed wood, after all, you are preventing new trees from getting chopped down. Protecting our fores

The Importance Of Juice Consumption In the United States

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From a sugarcane juicer to commercial juice extractors, juice is incredibly popular all throughout the United State. In fact, per capita in the year of 2015 alone, people in the United States consumed more than six and half gallons of juice. While all juice has been profitable, some types of juice are favorites among the population of the United States. For instance, orange juice is an old standby, with the total American population consuming as much as more than twenty three and half gallons of the stuff – per person. Apple juice is nearly as popular, as the American population loves apples in all of their many forms. In juice form, as many as fourteen pounds of apple juice will be consumed per person over the course of just one single year.
And the good news is this: juice is good for you! If you’re someone who struggles to meet their daily fruit and vegetable intake needs, drinking juice can help to make up for the deficit, providing a wide array of nutrients, vitamins, and min