How Growlers Keep Tap Beer Fresh Longer

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While beer drinkers still outnumber those who prefer wine and spirits, the beer scene has changed dramatically in recent years. Craft beers have quickly carved out an important niche, as well as a central position in beer lore. With speciality festivals, equipment and paraphernalia, craft beer brewers and drinkers have transformed the industry. Unique beer gifts and beer containers and accessories like growler taps have all found a place in the hearts of beer aficionados.

How craft beer transformed the industry
Beer remains the most popular drink among legal drinkers according to a 2016 Gallup poll, with 43% preferring it to wine and spirits. However, beer drinkers are not content to follow tradition and reach for cans of Dad’s favorite brand. The craft beer movement represents the tastes of a new generation, which opts for small-scale, fresh brewed, and preferably local beers.
The craft beer movement started as an extension of home brewing and quick

4 myths about peanuts debunked

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There are many interesting peanut facts that people may not realize. And also some myths and facts about peanut allergy symptoms. For instance, did you know that according to the National Peanut Board on average it takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12 ounce jar of peanut butter? Here are 4 common myths all about peanuts that we have debunked.
Myth 1: Peanuts contain GMO’s that cause peanut allergy symptoms One common myth is that some peanuts contain genetically modified organisms that can cause peanut allergy symptoms, this is false. Almost all peanuts on today’s market are nearly 99.9 percent identical to their ancestors and in fact there are currently no existing GMO peanuts on the market making peanuts a great organic choice.
Myth 2: Peanuts

What You Need To Know About Pecans

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Pecan family

Are Pecans Good For You? What You Need To Know!

    If you are someone (or know someone) who struggles to focus, you have come to the right place! Recent research has shown that people who struggle with comprehension or illnesses have seen slight improvements from eating various types of nuts. Thus, if you ever ask yourself “are pecans good for you”, consider that there are many amazing health benefits. Keep reading below to learn additional advantages, as you want to stay healthy and snack right!

    1. Research conducted by Harvard revealed that just two servings of nuts each day can help combat diseases, illustrating they have some great health benefits.


In America, We Have an Unending Love for Our Alcohol

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Many people are saying good things about the alcohol that drives them to enjoy time with their friends and family, relax, and spend time away from home, making all new memories. Many Americans prefer their beer in a growler container, one of the best options for any beer that doesn’t change the taste, but merely enhances your drinking experience. A stainless steel beer growler might be all someone needs when they’re out on the town with their friends. Let’s take a closer look at just how much Americans love their beer.

We the People Love Our Beer

14% of Americans drink beer once a week. They do this for many reasons. Perhaps there are many occasions to celebrate, or perhaps it’s their one way to finally unw

What’s the Story Behind CO2 Growler?

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Beer containers
About 85% of all beer in the U.S. was domestically produced in 2015, and yes, this percentage include craft beer. The craft beer market has expanded to a worth of about $23.5 billion. Beer drinkers are purchasing their favorite beverage from a variety of sources, instead of the traditional supermarket. If you plan to buy your beer locally, there is a good chance you’ll need to purchase a CO2 growler.

What Do I Need to Know About CO2 Growlers?

What is a growler? A CO2 growler is a container designed to keep beer fresh. These containers come in a variety of materials. While it may appear that these devices have popped up in relation to the craft beer movement, they have actually been around

4 Frozen Desserts You Can Make For Your Next Summer Party

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Plastic tasting spoons
There is nothing like frozen desserts on a hot day, especially in the spring and summer. If you’re planning a summer party, you might be thinking about what kinds of decoration and activities you can have for your guests to enjoy, but there’s also something incredibly important–the FOOD! Even more specifically, the desserts, and with it being summer, you know they need to be frozen desserts.
Summer is all about hanging out with friends and loved ones, sipping on great cocktails and enjoying delicious cool treats, as well as going for a dip in the pool and soaking up the sunshine!
There are so many frozen desserts to choose from: homemade ice cream and sorbet, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cake, frozen chocolate dipped bananas, and many, many more. Here are some great recipes for frozen tre

Ice Cream Can Make Every Day a Better One

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Paper ice cream cup
It is the first day back to school after a rather rainy and cold Spring Break. With nine straight weeks ahead without a single break even the most excited teachers seem to be dragging their feet. The continued rain and cold temperatures are not helping. Traditionally, on this first day of the fourth quarter of school the principal runs a staff meeting as soon as the students leave the building. Typically, the topic of discussion is next year’s schedule and anticipated classroom assignments.
Knowing that everyone seemed a little more tired than normal, however, the principal came up with a unique idea. The staff was still called to the library and the departments gathered together, prepared to not only talk about ways to get successfully motivate the students to get through these next nine weeks, but al

Dough, Industrial Mixers, and Everything In Between

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Electric meat tenderizer
The annual sales of the restaurant industry have managed to reach nearly $783 billion. This is absolutely huge in terms of their success and it also helps highlight a societal change. The culture that surrounds the world of culinary and high-class restaurants has almost become a part of pop culture. In turn, this has now brought forth a high-degree of competition amongst restaurants in the United States and even across the globe.
Five-star restaurants are restaurants that go out of their way to be head and shoulders above the competition. As a result, it is important for people to have a realization that they are going to have to invest in both the proper talent and the proper tools if they want to have any kind of success in the restaurant industry.
Getting the right type of industrial to

Alternatives To Ice Cream

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Ice cream party supplies
Everyone loves ice cream, particularly in the United States. From ice cream containers to ice cream flavors, the ice cream industry is nothing if not prosperous. In fact, every two weeks nearly half of all Americans (around 40%) will eat some type of ice cream at least once. Over the course of one calendar year, the average person in the United States eats ice cream nearly thirty times, be it at an ice cream parlor or out of take home ice cream containers. Ice cream containers provide an easy way to get your ice cream fix, as they can be purchased at nearly every store that sells food, including many gas stations and corner stores. Individual ice cream cups are another great way to enjoy ice cream

Kegs, Beer, and Everything In Between

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When it comes to beer, people absolutely love talking about and tasting this product. As a matter of fact, the culture that surrounds beer has not only grown, it has absolutely exploded. There are now more people than ever before that find themselves interested in trying new beer and trying out a growler keg as well.
There are Americans that travel across the country and also across the globe to try and taste new and unique types of beer. Beer gifts, beer containers, and the personal keg are all popular items to give people. Here are all of the facts that surround the beer culture and the growler keg.
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