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New Ways to Use Salsa

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Salsa nutrition
Recipes with salsa dip can be fun and appetizing. Salsa can be found in a variety of flavors with varying spice. Classic mild salsa dip, for instance, can be eaten alone with some tortilla chips, or paired with cheese and beans for an even thicker party dip. Another example is pico de gallo salsa dips, which is commonly found in Mexican food or alone as a dip. For a food so popular, salsa nutrition is surprisingly healthy. Salsa is mostly made up of vegetables chopped and blended together. The vitamins and minerals held by the vegetables are not blanketed by other ingredients, allowing for a healthy, filling snack. With few heavy ingredients, salsa makes a great base for a number of foods. That being said, recipes using salsa can be alternatively for healthy or unhealthy. Recipes with salsa dip can make anything from tacos to southwestern casseroles. Salsa can be used in soups or nacho dishes. Other recipes with salsa dip can be pared with chicken and fish, or even be made with mango or pineapple. Southwestern salsa recipes typically include chunkier ingredients and crisp, spicier flavor. Alone salsa is a healthy snack, but paired with other foods it can be made into an appetizing meal. To learn more, read this.

Empanadas For All!

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Flan recipe
Empanadas are a very popular Hispanic food enjoyed by both Latinos and people of other races and national origins. Many foods that originated south of the border are popular in both American culture and across the world. These foods can be anything from arroz con pollo, which is simply chicken and rice. What many say differentiates this dish is the spices and flavors in the rice and chicken. Often this dish is served with empanadas on the side. Latinos cannot get enough of their emapanadas, and if you ever try empanadas you will understand why! There is a distinct flavor to the empanadas that keeps people coming back for more! In addition to this, there is the enchiladas and ceviche that people cannot get enough of. If empanadas are your favorite, then you need to add ceviche to them. You will find yourself craving it more and more. Most people who try ceviche with their empanadas find themselves gaining weight all the time, because they cannot stop eating them! Perhaps what Latinos make best is their postres, which we know as being dessert! The most popular desserts is probably the flan, which is very high in fat, but very much worth it if you ask someone that has had it! Empanadas are not healthy for the most part, but flan definitely takes the cake (literally!) for lack of nutritional content. With creamy rich milk as one of the key ingredients, it is hard to justify any sort of nutritional benefit to this dessert! Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy meal, then perhaps Hispanic food is not the best choice. If you are looking for a nice treat, then get your appetite started with empanadas and let the culinary greatness begin! You will find that from there, it only gets better as you go on!