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Time to Stock the Cellar? Four Ways to Find the Best French Wines

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Best wine
For wine aficionados, it’s no secret that the world’s best wines come from France. French wines, an industry generating $4.62 billion in annual revenue, according to The Connexion, have long since taken their place as the best beverages to go with a fine meal, a dinner party, or a night alone with a book. Of course, French wines didn’t always enjoy the dominance that they do today. It was the Ancient Greeks and Romans, according to, who were responsible for laying the roots of wine culture in what was then called Gaul. In the mid-400′s CE, the Catholic Church took over production of Gaul’s wineries, and enjoyed dominance as the number one producer of fine wines for 1400 years. With the French Revolution of the late 18th century, however, wine making moved with the people of France to