Change up your restaurant decor and breathe some fresh air into your space

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Looking around at the inside of your restaurant are you tired of looking at the same old furniture? Could the inside of one of your favorite places that you’ve worked so hard on benefit from a change of appearance? Or perhaps you’re looking to draw in new customers with a fresh look to their favorite restaurant to go along with a great food menu. Regardless of the reason you want a change, it is time to look at new furniture that will fit inside of your establishment. How about dressing up your new place with something fresh, clean, and green? Reclaimed wood could be just the type of interior to draw in those new customers and make them happy to keep returning for more.
Wood table tops are always the preferred surfaces for wood restaurant tables. But why not take it a step further by using reclaimed wood for your rustic furniture? Considering that wood makes up about 20% to 30% of waste during demolition and construction, reclaimed wood gives these discarded items new life and ca

Taking A Look at The Market For Reclaimed Wood Furniture In The United States

Written by Eat Organic. Posted in Paneling, Reclaimed table tops, Rustic wood siding

From paneling made from reclaimed wood to solid wood table tops, reclaimed wood has become incredibly popular for multiple uses here in the United States – as well as all around the world. While the look of wood paneling and the like has long been a popular one, a style that has withstood the test of time in many different ways, the surge in popularity of reclaimed wood is relatively new.
Why use reclaimed wood for your solid wood table tops and rustic furniture and wood paneling? For one, it’ll look great. Mixing different varieties of wood together in one room can add some authenticity to your rustic look. On top of this – and perhaps most importantly – reclaimed wood is not just trendy, it’s environmentally friendly. When you use reclaimed wood, after all, you are preventing new trees from getting chopped down. Protecting our fores