Change up your restaurant decor and breathe some fresh air into your space


Looking around at the inside of your restaurant are you tired of looking at the same old furniture? Could the inside of one of your favorite places that you’ve worked so hard on benefit from a change of appearance? Or perhaps you’re looking to draw in new customers with a fresh look to their favorite restaurant to go along with a great food menu. Regardless of the reason you want a change, it is time to look at new furniture that will fit inside of your establishment. How about dressing up your new place with something fresh, clean, and green? Reclaimed wood could be just the type of interior to draw in those new customers and make them happy to keep returning for more.

Wood table tops are always the preferred surfaces for wood restaurant tables. But why not take it a step further by using reclaimed wood for your rustic furniture? Considering that wood makes up about 20% to 30% of waste during demolition and construction, reclaimed wood gives these discarded items new life and can give your restaurant a beautiful new wood look that will also save waste products from never being used again. Reclaimed wood is slowly becoming the new must have environmentally friendly tables that restaurants benefit from on many levels.

In 2015 there were 2.7 million tons pallets of wood recycled and used to make reclaimed wood restaurant table tops and reclaimed wood chairs. With 2015 being years ago now, the need for reclaimed wood as gone up in droves and these pallets have helped to not only save the environment but to five rustic furniture with a reclaimed wood base to many restaurants and homes alike. Reclaimed table tops could look great as giving a new face into your booming business with products that really stand out.

Any number of natural reclaimed wood product can be purchased within most furniture stores and delivered right to your business without too much of a delay. As soon as you are able to get into a furniture store or even take the time to look through a catalog, you can be well on your way to furnishing your restaurant. Rustic table tops are just the beginning of things that await your new choices for your booming business, the sooner you are able to start picking and choosing your new look the better.

Do your business a favor by looking into changeling your interior and breathing a new life into your business today. There is no going wrong by using furnishings that will make you proud to stand and watch all of your customers enjoying not only their meal but their atmosphere around them too. Pick out the things that you would enjoy spending time in yourself and your customers will thank you for it by returning many times.

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