4 Good Reasons Why You Should Tie The Knot at a Golf Course


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Perhaps you fancy golf and all that it entails, but did you know a golf course is one of the best places to have a wedding? Regardless of the number of guests, wedding style and your preferences, greenside weddings are often magical and they always add an element of surprise to your special day. A golf course wedding offers a picturesque and exceptional landscaped backdrop to take beautiful pictures and in most cases, it defines the tone for this memorable ceremony in your life. Besides, people are breaking away from the norm of indoor weddings. In fact, a statistics done by Hudson Valley Weddings show that 35% of weddings are now being conducted on outdoor places,

There are a ton of reasons and benefits to “say I do” at a golf club, here are a few reasons for your consideration.

Charming Backdrop
If you are looking for a picture perfect wedding venue, a golf course would be a perfect venue for you as they offer a beautiful backdrop for rich and vibrant wedding pictures. This place has well-trimmed lawns, green plants and trees for a memorable wedding experience. In addition, many have well-designed water features like lakes and ponds that really sets a phenomenal place to take your wedding vows. A golf course is also a good place to hold your reception by the fact that it’s an open space with good natural lighting and sufficient air flow.

Top-class food service
Since most gold courses are widely used to hold executive meetings, special gatherings and parties, they are often equipped with elegant catering services. They have a vast menu food selection from meat, fresh produce and seafood. On top of that, they have quality kitchens, fine dishes, utensils, tableware as well as qualified and experienced kitchen staff. However, it’s not a guarantee that a golf club will offer you best catering as you’ve imagined, so it’s important you do a pre-visit, taste their food and observe how they handle kitchen matters in order to make an informed decision on your location.

Sufficient Ammenities
Another reason you should consider choosing a golf course wedding venue it is the amount of space this place offers. Golf clubs are built to host large groups, because of this, they normally have ample parking space. So, your guests won’t have to fret about parking. Additionally, golf courses have plenty of special areas where union ceremonies are held. From archways, chapels and gazebos, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. They have great indoor and outdoor spaces virtually for any purpose.

Golf course weddings come with a lot of flexible options that go along way to spruce up that eventful marriage ceremony. If you are thinking of having pre-wedding events such as cocktail with friends and family or rehearsal, you have unlimited venues within the gold club to explore. Lounges, garden, pools and discos are just some of the special areas you have at your disposal, but of course, there they’ll require special arrangement.

Finally, your level of planning will determine how successful your wedding will be. Whether you are on a tight wedding budget or you are going in all guns blazing, you need to take control of everything. However, some of the golf courses will have their event organizers who can help you planning. They can help you identify great seating spots for your guests and also guide you other little details.

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