Healthy cereal

There is nothing like starting your day with a healthy breakfast, especially one complimented by a whole grain cereal.

When you eat a health breakfast, one including whole grains, lowfat protein food (hardboiled eggs, lean meat, poultry) fruits and vegetables and lowfat dairy products (skim milk, lowfat yogurt, cottage cheese), you are ready for a productive day. You have the complex carbs to give you energy through the day, and the meal you just ate is filling and will stay with you well into lunchtime.

A good breakfast like this also provides basics that can help prevent cancer, heart disease, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

The whole grain cereal you choose can be an organic cereal (produced by organic farming without synthetic pesticides and chemical fetilizers), in fact the more organic it is, the less processing has gone into the creation of the cereal and you are eating only what nature provided in the first place. Whole grain cereals are high fiber cereals, and can also be gluten free cereals and that is a good thing because nearly three million Americans suffer from Ceiac disease, an inflammation of the small intestines caused by the body’s reaction to gluten. The only treatment for the disease is a change in diet that eliminates gluten.

Some people would like to eat a healthy diet, but when it comes to bread or toast for breakfast, they have a difficult time eating foods that have no gluten because the texture of the bread is different, as is the nutritional value. But here is a suggestion: according to a study published in the journal Food Hydrocolloids, buckwheat flour can maintain the low gluten aspect of bread, while improving the texture and nutritional value.

Whole grain cereals include organic oat bran, Muesli (the original, European style), organic Kamut grain, steel cut and old fashioned rolled oats, and whole grain teff. These are high fiber foods, healthy cereals.

On the organic foods landscape, Whole grain cereals are an increasingly important sector where business continues to improve at nearly 10 percent per year. In 2011 for instance, the value of the organic food sector grew by $2.5 billion, to $29.22 billion. Its easy to understand why. Whole grain cereals taste good, are filling, provide the kinds of nutrition you need for the whole day, and help you live longer and more comfortably.

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