Americans Adore Candy Saving Money Buying Bulk Candy From An Online Gummy Candy Store


There’s nothing like a piece of candy to cure what ails you. It’s a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling down or motivation to finish up your work.

When you’ve got a party to throw, however, a simple bag won’t do. This is where your online gummy candy store comes into play. Able to provide you everything from old fashioned candy to modern staples, you can assure everyone at the event will get all the sweets they can handle. Even better, candy online comes nicely packaged and ready to be paired with food spreads. If you feel your sweet tooth kicking into high gear, it’s time to read on.

Chewy candy and candy mints galore! Let’s see what a gummy candy store can do for your next birthday bash or office party.

Just How Much Candy Do People Eat, Anyway?

Candy is incredibly popular in the United States, so much so it’s a staple of everyday life. Even when walking into a bank or an office supply store you can find a row of candy by the register. The average American today, according to recent studies, will eat almost 25 pounds of candy every year. Around 50% of that candy comes from the top 51 candy bars in the United States. If you ever thought to underestimate the power of chocolate, it’s time to lay those misconceptions to rest!

What Are The Most Popular Candies For Adults?

If you’re throwing a party for a friend or an office party for the weekend, you’ll want to dip into popular adult candies. Americans over the age of 18 will consume 65% of all candy produced in the country. Around 50% of this candy is chocolate, so check your online candy shop for Butterfingers, Snickers, and Kit Kat bars. Milk chocolate, the most popular form of chocolate for candy bars, includes between 10% to 20% of cocoa solids. This also includes the delectable and creamy cocoa butter!

How About Popular Candies Among Children?

Let’s say you’re throwing a birthday party or school-related event. What kind of candy should you seek out from a gummy candy store? Kids tend to lean toward hard and chewy candies, while adults gravitate to anything with chocolate. According to an interesting survey on candy eating habits, nearly one out of four American adults will choose to have one candy for every day of the week. Shake things up by giving kids lollipops, bulk gummy candy, and anything sweet and sour.

Need Some Fun Ideas For Candy-Based Recipes?

If you want to do more than throw a bunch of candy into a bowl and call it a day, listen up. There are a ton of fun ways to incorporate candy into different recipes. Consider outfitting your homebaked cookies or muffins with toppings of shaved Twix or Reese’s Pieces. Embellish your colorful lollipops with ribbons and customized cards to welcome all the birthday gifts. Bulk personalized candy can also be requested from your online gummy candy store to save on time.

What’s The Best Way To Get The Most Out Of A Gummy Candy Store?

The best feature of the online gummy candy store is convenience. When you have several events to plan and only so much time in the week, having all the goods in one purchase is a lifesaver (pun intended). Today almost three billion pounds of chocolate are consumed in the United States every year. That’s over 11 pounds per person! Nostalgic candy, modern candy, and personalized candy can all be found with just the click of a button.

Put a smile on your guests’ face. Buy chewy candies in bulk and make sure everyone gets their share.

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