Are You Trying to Find a Catering Service That Fits Your Business?


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Have you been struggling to find corporate catering solutions that can help you improve employee happiness and bring increased productivity to your office? Consider, according to Forbes, happy employees are 37% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. As The Huffington Post suggests, eating certain foods, from leafy greens to lean proteins, like chicken, can improve happiness and brain power, leading directly to those increased levels of productivity you crave.

Unfortunately, finding a great corporate event catering team that can fit your needs is easier said than done. Statistics from IBIS World show that there are more than 11,000 catering companies in the United States. How can you possibly weed out the bad from the good? With these three tips, of course.

Three Tips for Finding a Corporate Event Catering Team

  • Survey Your Employees to Learn What Foods They Like
  • The best corporate event catering services offer a huge variety of food, from healthy leafy green salads to full hot buffet bars. Of course, each office has different collective tastes. Before looking for a corporate events catering team, find out what you’re looking for first. Doing so can greatly reduce your difficulty in finding a service that fits.

  • Ask Corporate Catering Services About Their Specialties
  • As the Wedding Knot suggests, different catering services focus on different events. For example, many services do mostly weddings, while others focus on corporate functions. This isn’t to say that a great catering company can’t do both, but the fact is a company with a background in corporate event catering will better be able to fit your needs, whether you’re catering a meeting, a seminar, or an employee get-together.

  • Find a Company That Can Match or Better Your Price-point
  • Most catering services offer a variety of pricing options. As Food Service Warehouse writes, the best services offer fixed pricing, unarguably the cheapest option; tiered pricing, an option that scales with your needs; and custom pricing, the most customizable but possibly most expensive approach. Speak with the catering services you’re considering to see if they offer a plan that fits your budget.

Finding a great corporate event catering team to increase your employees’ output is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these simple tips to find a company that can fit your every need. Continue your research here.

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