Behind The Growth Of Authentic Mexican Restaurants In The United States


Authentic Mexican dishes and many of their components have been able to find a home in the United States, particularly in southern regions of the country such as Texas and other such states. Authentic Mexican dishes have gained popularity for a number of reasons, from the spread of the popular Mexican restaurant to Mexican chefs becoming more commonplace in the United States. And even if someone does not frequently eat authentic Mexican dishes, it is still likely that they incorporate Mexican cuisine into their lives in some way, shape, or form. For instance, the use of salsa has become particularly widespread and salsa is now the number one most used and favored condiment all throughout the nation of the United States. It is even more popular than condiments such as ketchup and mayo. This is also seen in the fact that the tortilla now routinely outsells hot dog buns of all varieties, even though hot dogs are a traditionally considered to be an American food.

Mexican restaurants that serve either fusion Mexican food or authentic Mexican dishes (or a combination of both) have become virtually commonplace in the society and the fabric of the United States. To date, more than sixty thousand restaurants in the U.S. currently serve a burrito, which is traditionally considered to be Mexican in origin. And with nearly forty thousand Mexican restaurants serving authentic Mexican dishes, Mexican restaurants represent around ten percent of all restaurants within the United States alone.

Part of the reason for the skyrocketing growth of the popularity of authentic Mexican dishes can stem back to the fact that more and more people living in the United States are simply looking to expand their palates in new and interesting ways. It is estimated that more than seventy one percent of all homes in the United States incorporate Mexican ingredients into their cooking in some way, and seventy five percent of consumers do this because it exposes them to new and interesting cuisines from different cultures and ethnicities. The remaining twenty five percent have similar reasons, as they note that they are in search of bold and exciting flavors.

There are many ways to love Mexican food and it is likely there there is at least one authentic Mexican dish that everyone will love. From something as simple as rice and beans to enchiladas, quesidillas, and guacamole, Mexican cuisine has truly become mainstream in many places around the world – but particularly in the United States, with its close ties and proximity to Mexico itself.

And Mexican cuisine dates back centuries, and is believed to have origins in the food prepared by the Mayan Indians, who lived an estimated two thousand or so years ago. And tortillas, another hugely important and integral component of much Mexican and Latin American cuisine, has ties back to ancient Aztec culture and food practices. Mexican cuisine has stood the test of time, evolving and growing with its people. Mexican cuisine has become highly accessible, and authentic Mexican dishes are commonplace in most places all throughout the United States and beyond it. The benefits of trying Mexican cuisine and authentic Mexican dishes include expanding your palate, trying new and exciting flavors, and gaining an appreciation for a different culture and ethnicity, as well as for a different region of the world and all that it has to offer. Mexican cuisine is highly regarded, delicious and even healthy, and deserves the popularity that it has gained.

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