Buying Organic Food


Organic foods

Many people that eat organic food on a daily basis and are active about only buying the freshest produce that was grown with the least amount of chemicals are typically clueless as to what the full and literal definition of organic food is. This is because if you ask many people the organic food definition is one of healthy food that is supposed to make you lose weight. They believe a lack of growing chemicals makes the food organic, but what they fail to realize is that in order for organic foods to be considered within the definition of organic food they must fit the criteria of being made by whole and complete ingredients that are grown from the earth. Just because something is ‘chemical free’ or ‘healthy’ the American standard, does not mean that the particular food fits the organic foods definition.

Another popular misconception that people have regarding the definition of organic food is that anything that is green or fresh produce is automatically considered an organic food. That could not be further from the truth, because in order to have vegetables grown at a mass production rate, the food must be growing fast and vegetables of any sort cannot naturally do this. Therefore since this is not possible, the definition of organic food is attained by having some products grown without hormones to grow faster. Because the definition of organic food means it must grow slower and chemical free there are limited quantities of organic food. Some people may believe that the definition of organic food is bogus and will not make someone live longer or shorter, but it is given credence by many as being healthy as well. For these reasons, as one goes through items and tries to decipher the definition of organic food, they should pause and consider what it truly means to be organic in food in the first place.

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