How Planning a Corporate Party Can Boost Productivity


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About 86% of companies that have employee recognition programs see an increase in worker happiness. An employee recognition program doesn’t need to be complicated, or expensive. Companies can not always afford to give every employee a raise or even a bonus, yet it is important to make some sort of appreciative gesture that makes the employee feel seen. One strategy that is enjoyed by many people is corporate parties.

Special events at work can cause some employers to get a headache. There is the question of when the party will happen, where the party will be held, and of course what food will be served. These questions seem stressful because of the scope of possibilities. So, the only way to reduce the stress is to narrow down the options.

Planning a Corporate Catering Party Made Easy!

Connection is an integral part of any company culture. Employees who are isolated from their peers cite lower job satisfaction than employees at companies that are known for having a great company culture. While special events production will not fulfill all the requirements of a good company culture, they can certainly help.

The Details That Take a Party From Boring to Unforgettable.

Predictability can be a great thing, especially in the workplace. It makes people comfortable. However, a party that follows the predictable route is dead on arrival. It makes people bored. The gathering should have an element of the unexpected to be memorable.

This doesn’t mean the party needs to have flame jugglers or real live tigers, although those are certainly unforgettable elements. Just a simple shake-up of the norm can be enough. Let’s say you were thinking of having the affair catered. Instead of one long table, perhaps have stations throughout the room. Maybe have live entertainment instead of the typical DJ, or even allow guests to take turns being the DJ.

Choosing the Right Caterer: What to Ask.

Any good party has good food. Hiring a caterer for a corporate party isn’t difficult or complicated, but due diligence is required. The worst case scenario is for the catering company to fail in delivering the food as ordered in some way.To guard against this is simple: ask about past events, and for points of contact. Also, the catering company should have their Food Handler’s Safety card, and other necessary paperwork to serve food legally in your state.

When And Where to Host The Party.

It’s important for employees to feel some level of connection with their employer and company, as this is necessary for loyalty. Team building exercises have been proven to help corporate employees feel more connected to their colleagues. In fact, Gallup had a poll that found in cases of employee disengagement, productivity could be increased by up to 200% after an activity designed to boost engagement. To make a corporate party successful in this area then, it is best if the party takes place during a convenient time for the employees themselves to encourage participation.

Office parties sometimes get a bad reputation for being boring. Yet, a good team event can increase employee productivity, increase engagement, and improve satisfaction. Planning a good party isn’t difficult, but it does require attention to detail.

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