How To Choose The Craft Beer That Is Right For You


Insulated beer growler

Craft beer has taken off in the United States, the market for it currently valued at over 23 billion dollars. The number of serviceable breweries in the United States has also expanded, with over 4,000 breweries now open, marking a 15% growth. Beer itself is an incredibly popular drink – almost 15% of all Americans have at least one beer a week and almost half of all legal drinkers said that they preferred beer over wine or any other type of alcoholic beverage like spirits and hard liquor.

Visiting a local brewery is a great way to sample beer flavors that might not be as readily available elsewhere. If you purchase unique growlers while at breweries, like a metal growler or a growler with a tap, you can take some of that beer home with you to enjoy. Unique growlers can be one of the best gifts for a beer lover you’re close with, as you can choose a specialty beer that really suits them. And craft beer drinkers are serious about their beer – over eighty percent of them choose their beer based on the season. Unique growlers can mean that they can enjoy a beer that will soon go out of season for longer.

Unique growlers can incorporate many different aspects. An insulated stainless steel growler might be perfect for a beer drinker that will only drink beer cold. A stainless steel growler keg or a mini keg growler are perfect for those beer drinkers who are looking to share their craft beer with family and friends. And a vacuum sealed growler will help to keep craft beer fresh for longer. There is definitely no shortage of unique growlers out there, but it’s important to choose the one that is the best fit for you, just as it is important to choose the right beer for you.

The craft beer market has really taken off in the United States in recent years, and small and independent breweries are finding more success than ever before – they even make up 12% of the overall beer industry, no small accomplishment. By going to a craft brewery near you and purchasing a personalized growler, you can help to support a blossoming business as well as enjoy a beer that you love with family and friends.

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