How to Make the Perfect Burger at Home


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You have probably had numerous burgers, from numerous burger restaurants. It seems that ever burger tastes entirely different from other burgers. The length of cooking, the method of cooking, the cut of the meat, and the burger toppings can all contribute to the taste of the burger. How can you mimic the perfect restaurant burger in your home? These burger tips will allow you to cook the perfect burger in your home kitchen.

It starts with the meats
The meat that you use to make a burger is extremely important. If you purchase frozen beef from the local grocery store that has been sitting on the shelf for weeks, it is not likely to taste like your favorite restaurant burger. You can usually find fresher and better quality meats from local meat markets and online meat markets. It is also important to pay attention to the quality of the beef. For example, grass fed beef is always a better choice. The protein content of lean, cooked beef typically ranges from 26 to 27%. Higher percentages are found in the better quality of meats.

Cook slow, rather than in a rush
Burgers are fast cooking items. You can quickly throw a burger on the grill and it is ready within minutes. However, if you are after a better tasting burger, like the ones at your favorite restaurant, a slow cook is better. Turn the BBQ on the lowest setting and allow the burger to slowly cook. As the grease burns off of it, it will go back into the burger, leaving you with a moist and juicy hamburger. Additionally, if you choose grass fed beef, you can pull the burger off the grill before it is even finished cooking. Grass fed beef has high protein and low fat levels, which means it will require about 30% less cooking time and will continue to cook when removed from heat.

Test different burger sizes
One of the most common differences among your favorite restaurant burgers is probably the size and cut of the meat patties. Larger patties take longer to cook, but can hold the taste better. Smaller patties cook much quicker but do not hold as much of the moisture in the patty. When you purchase bulk meat online, it often is delivered in large meat bundles. This allows you to size your patties to your preference. You might have to play around to find the size that works best on your BBQ and that fits your preferences.

Don?t forget the toppings
The toppings that you put on a burger can completely change the taste. Test out different cheeses to change up the flavor. If you are looking for a spicier burger, try a pepper jack cheese or a type of hot sauce. If you want a traditional taste, stick with a juicy tomato and a thick piece of lettuce. Don?t forget the ketchup and mustard or switch it up with some spicy mayo or a homemade burger sauce. Again, you might have to play around with different sauces, until you come up with the perfect combination. You can also attempt to mimic the toppings of your favorite restaurant burger.

Beef is one of the most consumed products in our country. According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the average American consumed approximately 198 pounds of meat in 2014. Some of this meat is consumed in a restaurant setting and some of it is consumed at home. Many people attempt to recreate the perfect meat taste in their home without succeeding. Remember to follow these tips the next time you make a burger at home and you can savor the juicy flavor of your favorite meat in your own home.

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