Keg Cap Taps and Growlers for Beer Enthusiasts


Beer has, for millennia, been a favorite drink around the world, from ancient Mesopotamia to medieval town pubs to any bar or keg party today. The varieties of flavors and darkness or lightness of beers, ales, and lagers is enormous, with many brand names and many countries from the United States to Ireland to Germany and more making many popular brands. But there is more to beer than the drink; the accessories are both stylish and important for transporting and having this drink, and a keg cap tap is a helpful tool for any keg owner, and beer growlers can personalize beer and make it convenient. Many of these items can also make for great gifts for any beer lover.

Who Drinks?

Most beer drinkers are aged 18 or over, depending on where they live, and there are whole communities based around the love of this drink and its endless varieties. Americans are particular lovers of beer of all kinds, and often, domestic brands are preferred. More specifically, about 85% of beer in the United States was produced domestically, and about 14% of Americans drink beer at least once a week. And during 2015 alone, American consumers aged 21 and over consumed a total of 27.5 gallons of beer and cider per person. That is a lot of thirsty mouths, and many of them prefer beer over other alcoholic drinks. In fact, according to a 2016 Gallup poll, among legal drinkers, 43% favored beer over spirits and wine. So, what kinds of products do all these beer drinkers want?

A Keg Cap Tap, Growlers, and More for the Drinker

Aside from beers drunk at bars, beer drinkers may want their brew from a keg, or carry it around in what is called a growler, and both of these options call for specialized products. A personalized keg with a keg cap tap can make any beer enthusiast an instant brewer, and beer growlers come in many varieties for personal taste.

According to Home Wet Bar, a beer growler is a drinking vessel larger than a bottle meant for carrying beer home, and it’s not uncommon to fill one from a keg and take the drink home. Portable beer vessels have existed for centuries, but beer growlers as we know them originate in the United States in the 1850s, when pails with lids were used to take beer home from a bar, keg, or other source. In the Midwest, it was common in the late 1800s for mothers to send their children to the local keg or bar with a “growler,” a pail for carrying brew. As the full pail was carried home and the liquid was sloshed around, it would release carbon dioxide gas that would rattle the lid as it escaped, making a sort of growing sound. As the 1900s progressed, growlers began to be made from glass or ceramic for a better seal, and stainless steel growler models were soon introduced as well. These stainless growler models had rubber gaskets on their lip to help seal the contents and keep the beer fresh longer.

A growler can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and can be easily personalized for style and distinction, and this means that they can make great gifts. Growlers are useful today for a home brewer giving away his/her brew to friends, and a growler helps someone finish a keg without wasting any beer inside. Unique growlers can be novelty items and popular talking points at any beer based gathering.

Keg Cap Tap for the Brewer

According to Home Brew Academy, a home brewer with multiple kegs may get them confused, and it can be troublesome when the wrong kind of beer is poured for a friend or customer. To fix this, a keg can have a tap that accommodates a short metal rod and a circular label plate with a plastic cover. In this way, a keg owner can create custom, personalized beer labels and place them into the keg cap tap, both adding personal flair to the keg and the drink’s brand while also keeping different beers distinct and preventing mix ups. These tap caps can be easily added to a keg and fitted securely.

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