Organic Food, Is It Worth It?


Organic foods

Although Organic food is trendy and look upon as the healthiest form of eating now a days, most of us don’t know why. The definition of organic food is the limitation or lack of synthetic materials in growing it. Based on the organic food definition. Very little if any of our food is truly organic. Despite what a lot of the labels say. However the benefit of organic foods, in my opinion vastly out weighs the slightly higher cost.

Research shows organic food may contain a slightly higher nutrient level. It also has found that the food is fresher because of lack of preservative. Although we really don’t think about the ingredient labels on our food day to day when life gets so busy. It really is important to fully understand what you are putting in your body on a daily basis. Organic food is a great option because of the lack of pesticides and GMOS which are genetically modified organisms engineered to make food last longer. Going by the organic foods definition if your really eating organic it should have no GMO’s, preservatives, or harmful chemical pesticides.

Many people often argue that the quality of our food today is linked to cancer. So many chemically engineered aspects are involved in the production of food to make it last longer and not spoil. Food is built naturally to spoil for a reason. When French fries look the same 2 years from when they were first prepared, that’s a sign we have a problem. There is no way that can not be harmful to our bodies.

Other benefits to organic food are that you can by a lot of it locally and support your local small business. Visit your local public market and there will probably be a lot of great organic food options. Just the health benefits and the fact that organic food is fresher is enough for me personally. However there are many upsides to organic food if you look for them. Organic food is being grown the way food has been grown for hundreds of years, naturally and without chemicals. Keep that in mind when out at your local grocery store.

Although it may be slightly more expensive in some cases. Your body is a great investment. If you ask me it should be your most important one because its the first thing to effect your quality of life. Shop for organic foods, Ones without GMOS and harmful pesticides and if you ask me it might save you a good 10 to 20 years on your life. Making the benefits of organic food way worth it.

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