Organic Foods Are on the Rise


Eat local food

A few years ago, organic food distributors were few and far between. The larger corporate foods companies that serve up genetically modified products had a near-complete monopoly on products found in the grocery store Today, more people love local food and organic foods than ever. reported on October 23 that global organic foods and beverages are expected to reach $187 billion by 2019, after topping $70.7 billion in 2012. With a projected CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 15.5% each year, it is obvious that wholesale organic food distributors are growing at an incredible rate. Some of the reasons for this growth are obvious, while others are a bit more subtle.

Less Artificial Ingredients

Over the years, the public has grown more informed as to the process by which food ends up at their local supermarket. Beef and chicken are riddled with hormones and antibiotics. Fruits are sprayed with artificial preservatives. Sodas are filled with aspartame, and vegetables are genetically modified to kill insects.

With so many things going on, many people believe that GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) can end up causing critical damage to their bodies over the years. As the public has learned more about what food companies have done, organic food distributors have been the beneficiaries.

Increased Acceptance

Through media coverage, pop culture and the internet, people have grown more conscious of what goes into their food. While 20 years ago organic food was thought to be the luxury of a few spoiled hippies, today it has successfully broken through to the mainstream. Seeing a USDA Organic Food label is a positive thing for many people. In the past, people ordering health drinks may have been chuckled at. Now an entire generation of young people knows what it is like to go to a coffee shop and order a health smoothie.

Health Benefits

Organic food distributors provide products that do less harm than their conventional counterparts. Someone with a dairy allergy can easily find an organic soy, coconut or rice alternative. People suffering from a gluten allergy, a peanut allergy or Crones disease can each find terrific substitutes that will allow them to live as normal a life as they did before their diagnosis.

So with all of these awesome benefits, why not give organic foods a chance?

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