Rustic Reclaimed Wood Designs Are Growing With Popularity


Using rustic wood in home decor has become a huge trend that is growing daily. You can decorate with wood on the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Here are a few ideas that you can try to incorporate wood into your home decor.

If your a very handy person or have an artistic flair you can use old barn wood, reclaimed wood siding, or old pallets for all types of projects. You can create wood table tops, wood shelves, reclaimed wood chairs, and much more. You can create many custom pieces at local furniture shops as well to ensure your entire home matches. Have you ever looked at a home on the internet and pictured yourself living there and being so happy and comfortable. You can now make this a reality by checking out the homes on Pinterest. Pinterest had over 14 billion home styles which has grown 75% since 2017. You can get millions of ideas to help you DIY the entire home.

If your looking to incorporate some reclaimed wood siding in your outdoor decor you can make all types of amazing garden decor and planters. Rustic ladders with herbs, strawberries and climbing vines growing all over them look absolutely beautiful and you can place them all over your yard. Making outdoor lounge chairs with reclaimed wood siding is very easy and they look amazing. You can find hundreds of thousands of designs online to make nearly any type of reclaimed wood project.

If you’re looking for ways to create all kinds of different products with reclaimed wood siding, consider this. Resin pouring into rustic wood siding is a beautiful end result and is actually quite easy to do. You can create wood and resin cutting boards, table tops, and even jewelry with this combination of crafting techniques and people will pay decent prices for these handmade items as well. They make great gifts for any occasion and can be sold online or at arts and craft fairs.

So the next time you pass by a stack of wood siding, old pallets, or barn wood think about all the different creations you can come up with. Every stack of wood is full of opportunity.

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