Stock Up for Winter by Buying Grass-Fed Beef in Bulk and Online


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Have you tasted grass-fed beef yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. Not only does it taste better than its grain-fed counterpart, it also has higher protein levels and is lower in fat. Furthermore, high-quality beef contains all of the eight essential amino acids that your body needs for growth and maintenance. What grass-fed beef doesn’t contain is hormones or antibiotics.

Another benefit of choosing grass-fed beef is that it requires 30% less cooking time than the grain-fed variety. It will also continue cooking once you remove it from the stove, oven, or barbecue. After it’s finished cooking, the protein levels of this lean beef will range from 26% to 27%.

Do you prefer your steaks medium-rare? If so, then they will be mostly pink inside with just a bit of red at the center. When you insert a meat thermometer into your steak, its temperature should register between 130 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to keep an eye on those steaks and thermometer readings so you don’t over-cook your dinner!

Does your local meat market carry premium grass-fed beef? If you’ve been traveling further from home to locate grass-fed beef, then you may be able to locate a specialty meat market closer to you. There is a more convenient option, however, which is to purchase your meats online.

Were you aware that you could buy meat in bulk? In addition to steak bundles, you can also select other types of meat packages. When you buy meat in bulk, there are different types of cuts available, including burger. Purchasing online meat packages is also a sustainable practice. This is because you’re supporting local farmers and ranchers as well as spending less time driving.

It’s also a good practice to purchase meat in bulk because its economical and you’ll save money. When you have a freezer full of extra beef, it can make a difference when you receive unexpected company and don’t need to make a special trip to the store. Furthermore, when storm season sets in, having an emergency food supply is also a good practice.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development compiled data about American meat consumption during 2014. The results showed that 198 pounds of meat were consumed by the average person that year. Given this, it’s not surprising that many people in the United States prefer to buy in bulk.

Since you appreciate quality, consider purchasing grass-fed beef from your local specialty store or online. Given all the benefits of grass-fed beef, once you and your family have tasted it, chances are that you will buy meat in bulk from now on.

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