The Benefits of Microgreens


Edible flowers

Microgreens are a type of food that have been available for two or even three decades, but the majority of Americans would be unsure what that label includes if asked. That ignorance is regrettable because it means they likely not taking advantage of the nutritional benefits and flavor offered by this class of vegetable.

What Are Microgreens

Contrary to the name, these are not minuscule leaves or sprouts. They are immature edible plants, usually harvested within approximately 14 days, but they average in size between 1 and 3 inches. They are harvested at the time when the plants first true leaves emerge, a defining characteristic so unique that it even inspired the name of the company True Leaf Microgreens.

Why Buy Microgreens

    The natural visual appeal makes these plants a perfect garnish. They attract the eye through their vivid colors and diverse textures, even including varieties of edible flowers. With over 100 types of edible flowers in existence, there are many options to pair with any dish. This added allure to a meal can act as a temptation to the appetite of a picky eater at home.
    The visual element is nice, but the taste matters more. When harvested at the correct time by a qualified grower, these plants have fresh, unique flavors that enhance soups, salads, and sandwiches. The added value provided by micro greens has been well known to chefs in high-end restaurants for some time, making them a common ingredient in fine dining establishments.
    Competing with taste as the most important factor, the nutritional benefits make micro greens an easy choice. These plants have long been suspected of being even healthier than other vegetable options, and recent studies have shown the truth behind that idea. Scientists analyzing the amount of a number of vitamins and other nutrients, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, took a sample of microgreen varieties to study. In the end, it was found all had a significantly higher amount of these essentials than did the mature plants of the same type.

These plants are easy to include in a meal cooked at home. True Leaf Microgreens make it easy for consumers to be certain what type of product they offer, making them an obvious choice when shopping for this product. With all these benefits, most would conclude that microgreens are the best choice.

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