The Most Important Foods for the Workday


Cafeteria vendors

There are many benefits to having a corporate dining area for employees. In fact, a survey of employees at companies that provide free food found 67% were very or extremely happy with their jobs. Even having corporate cafeteria management services on site for a fee improves employee satisfaction and morale. There are many different types of foods that you can offer with your corporate cafeteria management services, but these are must have food options.

A wide selection of breakfast options

Many studies prove the benefits of eating breakfast daily. Yet, it is the most commonly skipped meal. People are often rushing out the door and assume that lunch is in just a couple of hours. Skipping breakfast, however, can make you feel tired and irritable for the first few hours of your workday. If breakfast is easily available to employees on site, they are more willing to eat it. Make sure you have many breakfast options including grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. A study in the Journal Population Health Management found that employees who ate an unhealthy diet were 66% more likely to experience a loss in productivity than employees who regularly consumed fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the workplace. It gets people through a long workday and especially the morning hours. While most people stop off for coffee on their commute into work, they would find free coffee on site to be beneficial. They could refill their coffee cups during the midday slump. Many studies show that coffee drinks increase brainpower and thus creativity in the workplace, both factors that are advantageous for businesses.

Grab and go lunches

Studies show that less than 20% of American workers regularly take a real lunch break. Although at first glance, this might seem ideal. Your employees are spending more time completing their work tasks. However, it also means that they are not taking much needed breaks, which can actually increase overall efficiency. The best way to encourage employees to take lunch breaks is by offering grab and go lunches at the corporate cafeteria. Cafeteria service providers can box up soups, sandwiches, and other finger foods that can be eaten quickly, during a traditional lunch break. Also, offering delivery services within the cafeteria services can be useful.

Healthy foods for lunch

Many employees settle on fast food for lunch because it is quick and cheap. Most would prefer to eat something that is healthier, but they simply do not have sufficient time. If your corporate cafeteria management services are able to serve healthier food choices for lunch, you will notice an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction. When employees choose healthier items, they can avoid fatigue and a lack of motivation, both things that can be harmful for a business. Healthier food lunches include sandwiches, salads, and warm soups.

Healthy desserts and sweets

We have all been there. We have already had breakfast and lunch and now we have to get through the rest of the afternoon, with nothing to look forward to until the end of the workday. This is when many people resort to unhealthy coffee or energy drinks or candy out of the vending machine. When you offer healthier desserts and snacks from your office cafeteria providers, you are giving your employees a better option. Your corporate cafeteria management services can serve items like peanut packs, energy bars, and fresh fruit salads.

Many businesses are moving toward onsite corporate cafeteria management services. Instead of leaving the menu up to your corporate provider, consider suggesting healthier food choices. These healthier foods and drinks will increase productivity, make employees happier, and ensure that everyone is taking advantage of the benefits of a regular lunch break.

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