Three Meal Options To Discuss With Your Caterer


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We all love to go out to restaurants. But what’s even better is when those restaurants can bring the food directly to us through catering services. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to choose a caterer rather than cooking a meal yourself. For one thing, caterers can serve a wide variety of people on a large scale. The food will be there on time, and rather than sweating in the kitchen you can enjoy your gathering — whether it be a wild party or an elegant occasion — like everyone else. For another, caterers have a knack for providing the type of food that everyone will love. All you have to do is make sure that they’re aware of certain dietary restrictions your guests may have — and if necessary, that they’ll provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Still, if you’re picking a caterer you may be worried about ruining your diet. Many caterers serve fast food, and this isn’t a bad thing. You want your food there quickly, right? But you don’t want to worry about all the problems that come with unhealthy fast food — calories, grease, etcetera. You want your guests to have healthy options too. Below, we’ll discuss a few different types of meals and snacks you may want to consider discussing with your caterer.

Chicken Dishes

Chicken is extremely popular in the United States. In fact, Americans eat more chicken than anyone else, and it’s our number one protein. In 2015 alone, 90.1 pounds of chicken were consumed per capita, and it’s believed that in 2016 people at 91.8 pounds of chicken per capita. The point is that it’s easy to please your non-vegetarian guests with chicken dishes. But can chicken be healthy? On its own, chicken is actually a pretty light protein. It isn’t very fatty, and overall is fairly lean. The issue with chicken is that it’s often dipped in sauces, in the case of chicken wings, or fried. Chicken wings themselves can be very healthy; it’s what we do to them that makes them unhealthy. You may want to stick to a classic rotisserie chicken — or several — which is both flavorful and healthy. You may also want to discuss light chicken wings with your caterer. Rather than having them fried and dipped, have them spun in spaces and grilled or baked — you’ll be glad you did!


There are plenty of advantages to choosing to have wraps served at your party. First of all, many restaurants now offer wraps in a wide variety — they can be customized depending on what you like, and filled with delicious ingredients. Wraps can be vegetarian or filled with meat. They can also be made using wraps that are either made from flour, or sometimes even spinach. Lettuce wraps are also increasingly popular. The possibilities are really endless. If you’re considering serving wraps and trying to decide between different catering restaurants, discuss with them what kinds of options they offer. That could help you make the choice regarding which place will be the best option to suit your catering needs.


Latin-infused foods are always popular at parties. If you like the idea of a wrap and want to spice it up a bit more, quesadillas could be what you’re looking for. These treats can be a bit mild — some are even made with just cheese. On the other hand, you could really get creative with them. Quesadillas can include meat and vegetables. For that matter, they can be made with corn or flour tortillas — and some tortillas are even infused with spices and flavorings. Again, this is a great option to customize, so you might want to consider discussing that option with your caterer.

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