Three Ways of Gifting Seafood to Friends


Crab meat

Are you tired of giving lame fruit baskets, t-shirts nobody likes, and other gifts that are generally regarded poorly for the holidays? If you’re not tired of these things yet, chances are that the recipients are. If you’re looking for a delicious, unique gift that will make everyone smile, try gifting seafood this holiday season.

Why Gifting Seafood is a Smart Move
According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, people from all over the world make seafood a staple in their diets. In fact, humans consume more than 120 millions tons of seafood, stone crabs, lobsters, and other delicacies, every year. When gifting seafood, chances are good that it will be used and enjoyed.

Of course, seafood is eaten all throughout the world because it is absolutely delicious. Who doesn’t enjoy a succulent bit of crab meat, dripping in clarified butter? Having said that, one of the main reasons people eat so much seafood, as points out, is that most seafood is extremely healthy to eat, unless you constantly slather it with butter. Eating seafood twice a week grants a healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, and a plethora of other nutrients that are known to improve the immune system. Further, with low amounts of fat and almost no cholesterol, most seafood is an incredibly lean source of protein.

Three Ways of Gifting Seafood to Friends, Family

  • Gift Cards for Buying Seafood Online
  • If you’re not sure what kind of seafood your loved ones like, try gifting seafood indirectly with a gift card. Many online stores will sell gift cards for their selections of Poseidon’s pride.

  • Send a Box of Stone Crab Claws
  • Of course, if you know that your friends and family are nuts about a particular type of seafood, whether it’s freshwater shrimp or lobster tails, then the easiest way of gifting seafood is simply to send them a box of their favorite bits. Most vendors offer a wide selection of “cuts”, tails, claws, and the like, in varied amounts, allowing you to find an option that fits your gift-giving budget.

  • Treat Them to a Meal
  • The best way, perhaps, to give the gift of seafood for the holidays is to treat your friends and loved ones to a meal at a well-known restaurant or one you’ve cooked at home. While this will give them decidedly less seafood than the other options, this comes with the benefit of your company. What could be better than spreading the holiday spirit in the company of crab claws and great friends?

If you’re tired of struggling to find a great holiday present, then look no further. Light years ahead of any fruitcake or fruit basket, gifting seafood allows you to give the gift that keeps on giving; well, at least until your loved ones run out of seafood. Learn more.

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