Why Your Company Needs Coffee


Your employees have the Mondays. The 2 p.m. drags. The Hump Day fatigue. If your office breakroom doesn’t have a coffee maker in its breakroom yet, you could be robbing yourself of a lot of efficiency and productivity. Your faithful crew is probably clamoring for a java hookup in the workplace but, if you aren’t convinced, here’s ten reasons to pursue the business coffee solution.
One popular solution that many businesses turn to is coffee delivery service. Coffee delivery service is a quick, efficient way for your employees to get their brews from the places that they love without having to leave their jobs and minimize the waste of company time. Coffee delivery services vary by city, but if you are in a metropolitan area, there are likely many for you to choose from.
Keep your employees happy. Harvard has found that women who drink at least four cups of coffee per day are significantly less likely to suffer from depression. Coffee is an essential part of routine for many American workers, and access to coffee in the office can keep employees upbeat and motivated. Statistics show that over half of your staff will benefit from an office coffee maker, since 54% of American adults consume the drink daily. Additionally, studies indicated that the consumption of coffee can lower the risk of colorectal cancer by 26%.
Besides, who doesn’t love the rich, delightful smell of brewing coffee wafting through an office? Even though only around half of Americans regularly consume coffee, more still enjoy the smell of percolating java—which can be a perking, uplifting aroma that will boost staff morality in the mornings.
A caffeinated employee is a productive employee. If you aren’t sold on a commercial coffee maker in your workplace simply to keep everyone upbeat, you probably would want a business coffee solution to keep your team productive. Almost half of all working Americans feel that coffee helps them stay on task and working at top efficiency, which studies solidify by stating that 200 mg of caffeine can help the employee identify words and phrases faster with coffee than without.
The average American coffee drinker will knock back over three cups of java per day. It goes without saying that this leads to caffeine dependency and, subsequently, caffeine withdrawals, which include headaches, irritability, and fatigue. If your coffee-drinking employees run late getting to work—if they’re stuck in traffic and can’t stop at a coffee chain, if their kids are sick and arrangements to stay home from school must be made, or if the unspeakable happens and their to-go mug lid isn’t secure, resulting in a mess of coffee in the lap—they may fall victim to caffeine withdrawals throughout the day, and their productivity will suffer because of it.
Save your employees some greenbacks. They’ll thank you for it. Finally, your business coffee solution will save your team money. A lot of money. Employees will be less inclined to swing through a drive-through in the mornings to purchase a three to six dollar beverage when coffee can be made at work. It’s also likely that your staff ducks out during breaks to purchase a cup of coffee elsewhere—which means they have to spend more on gas and tips for baristas as well as the drinks themselves.
Happiness, productivity, and profit—what else is needed for a top-notch team and a satisfied office? With countless health benefits of coffee, and boosts in efficiency for your company, it would be a crime not to bring the café to your crew ASAP.

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