Your Guide to Brunch and Golf


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One of the most popular sports in the history of the United States is golf. While many view it to be baseball or football, golf has sustained itself for just as long of a period as these two other sports. Golf is not only popular in terms of what people watch on television, it is also one of the most commonly played sports.

While golfing may not take the physical athleticism of other sports, there is without a doubt plenty of skill involved in playing playing the sport. For most people, it is important to make sure that they play golf regularly, and that they own their own golf clubs. This means they will visit public golf courses, golf events and maybe even a golf expo. Here is what you need to know about your life and golf.

A maximum of 14 clubs is allowed in a player?s bag at one time during a stipulated round. If you would like to be able to golf while also making your wife and kids happy, you can always attend a Sunday brunch at a golf club or a country club. That way, your wife, and children can enjoy each others presence while you and your friend engage in a few rounds of golf.

A regulation ball used for golf contains 336 different dimples, that indent into the ball. Make sure that when you purchase a ball or rent one, it is up to the standard so you can maximize your experience. If you want to enjoy golfing with your wife, there is also the possibility that you might be able to get interested in golf. Out of all professional golfers, 23% of them are female.

A 175-pound man can burn 460 calories if he carries his clubs during an hour of play. On a nine-hole course, he can end up walking almost 2.5 miles. The chance of two holes in one in a single round is between 67 million to 1. By the year 1900 there were more than 1000 clubs in the United States sold by businesses that make these clubs. Brunch began in England and took 30 years to catch on in the United States.

According to statistics offered by Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. During a survey, 67% of respondents stated that ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items (e.g. Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, coconut milk pancakes) was a “hot trend” for restaurant menus in 2015. The average budget for just the wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. In 2013, brides spent an average of $1,184 on their rehearsal dinners (up from $1,135 in 2012) and $457 on their morning-after brunch (up from $429 in 2012).

There is no doubt that there is plenty of fun playing this sport as compared to others. People dedicate so much time to it as a hobby that if you want to get involved, you will have fun moving forward. There are private and public courses where you can have a few drinks with your friends while swinging the clubs, and everyone will have fun.

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