Why is The Ice Cream Cup So Popular

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There are many popular desserts in the United States that people will consume quite often. Some of these desserts include pie, cake, frozen yogurt, and the most popular ice cream. Ice cream can be eaten in many different ways and that is something that can be found just about anywhere. Some people prefer to eat ice cream out of an ice cream cup and some prefer a cone.
One thing that should be noted is that ice cream is most commonly consumed out of an ice cream. Now yes, maybe that is not what you want to hear if you are someone that loves the ice cream cone but it is definitely true. Even as these new forms of dessert like gelato and yog

How to throw the ultimate ice cream party this summer

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The school year is winding down, the temperature is heating up and sweaters are being traded for sundresses. That means one thing: It is almost summer time! And with the approach of warmer weather and sunny days comes the need for our favorite dessert. Yep, we are talking about ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt…basically anything that is cold and deliciously thirst quenching. In fact, June is actually the month when the most ice cream is produced. What better way to dig into a couple of ice cold scoops than with an ice cream party? Whether you’re throwing it for your kids or just for yourself, we have some insider tips to below to help it run as smoothly as possible…right down to the

The Best Recipe for Classic Frozen Yogurt Ever

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We all have different beliefs about the afterlife, but there is one thing we all agree on: Heaven has frozen yogurt. There is something so satisfying about dipping one of those neon frozen yogurt spoons into your cold and tangy treat, and putting it in your mouth.

In fact, frozen yogurt spoons not only deliver joy in every bite, they also come with health benefits! The creamy and flavorful product that each bite your frozen yogurt spoons put in your mouth might taste akin to ice cream, but it is packed full of probiotics. You’ve probably heard of probiotics since they are one of the biggest hits in recent food trends. People are drinking products kombucha and kiefer in mass to get those good guy probiotics into their system. Unlike kombucha and keifer, frozen yogurt spoons give you a taste of goodness