How to throw the ultimate ice cream party this summer


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The school year is winding down, the temperature is heating up and sweaters are being traded for sundresses. That means one thing: It is almost summer time! And with the approach of warmer weather and sunny days comes the need for our favorite dessert. Yep, we are talking about ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt…basically anything that is cold and deliciously thirst quenching. In fact, June is actually the month when the most ice cream is produced. What better way to dig into a couple of ice cold scoops than with an ice cream party? Whether you’re throwing it for your kids or just for yourself, we have some insider tips to below to help it run as smoothly as possible…right down to the gelato spoons.

1. Pick your poison. There are so many options when it comes to frozen treats. Know your options (and your audience) and choose what makes sense. Have a lot of friends who are health conscious? Go with the lighter frozen yogurt or coconut milk ice cream. Inviting six year olds who love a classic sundae? Get your usual flavors in giant cartons. Want something a little more creative? Pick the coolest, most out there flavors of gelato you can find in the store.

2. Get all the supplies. It’s important to be prepared for no matter how your guests like their ice cream (cone or cup?). Snag everything from gelato spoons to frozen yogurt cups and all of the ice cream party supplies you can think of. Don’t forget the napkins, too! We tend to think of the toppings and fun stuff and forget the important essentials like the actual gelato spoons or cups.

3. Think outside the box (or, well, the bowl). Ice cream parties are a great way to be creative and have a ton of fun. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the dreamiest decor! Now is the time to finally try that DIY utensil holder that looks like an ice cream cone and can hold your scoops and gelato spoons. Scour Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and stick to a budget. Get your kids involved with the party prep too. It will be a great bonding activity for the whole family!

Regardless of what you serve or what you serve it in, ice cream parties are always fun for guests of all ages. Host one as a birthday party or just a neighborhood get together this June for a fabulous celebration to the start of summer. Because I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…right?

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