3 Benefits of Consuming Free Range Pork


Local meat farmers

Many people are changing the way they eat by switching to free range meat. There are many types of free range meat available including chicken, beef, pork, and salmon. Statistics show wild salmon has only 13 grams of fat per filet, compared to 27 grams in salmon that is farmed. It’s understandable to be unaware of the benefits of consuming pigs raised in a more natural environment. Here are three benefits of consuming free range pork

  1. Pork Containing Lower Amounts of Unhealthy Fats

    Free range animals are allowed to roam in a natural environment watched over by local meat farmers. Meat farms will have animals stuck in one place. In addition to stressing out the animals, industrial hogs aren’t allowed to move freely. As these animals are stuck in place, they end up packing on amounts of fat. When industrial pork is sent to a grocery store, it often contains high amounts of unhealthy fat. However, free range pork is made from animals that have free reign in an outdoor environment which means they hold a low amount of excess fat. Excess fat in industrial animals isn’t limited to pork. Statistics show wild salmon has only 13 grams of fat per filet, compared to 27 grams in farmed salmon. In addition, salmon has three times the saturated fat as salmon raised in the wild.
  2. Free Range Hogs Receive a Healthier Diet

    Statistics show that pigs raised in a pasture produce 300% more vitamin E in their milk. In turn, it allows these pigs to raise healthier offspring. Many pigs found in industrial environments are fed medicines designed to increase their weight in an unnatural manner. When you buy free range pork online, you receive meat that has been fed a healthy diet containing no antibiotics. Studies show that free range pork contains more beneficial fatty acids compared to grain fed animals. Many people buy free range pork online solely for the health benefits associated with the meat.
  3. Less Risk of Contaminated Meat

    You’ll often hear stories of supermarket meat leading to instances of contamination. Contaminated can sometimes make its way into your home before it is reported. Eating contaminated meat can cause a wide array of health problems including severe sickness and death. You’ll find that animals from free range pork to wild caught salmon that are all available online. These animals pose far less of a threat of contamination due to how well farm raised animals are cared for.

In closing, there are several reasons to buy free range pork online. Many purchase grass fed steaks online for the health benefits. Free range animals are allowed to roam free which creates meat known to contain less fat. Grass fed animals are known to be fed foods they’re used to eating instead of antibiotics. You’ll notice a far less risk of meat contamination when consuming grass fed meat. Many people continue to implement grass fed meat into their diets.

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