5 Tips for Planning the Prefect Meal In


Grass fed beef

Are you planning the perfect date night in? Do you want to surprise your significant other with a home cooked meal? Are you finding it difficult to choose the right dish to serve? The exact meal that you serve is not as important as the amount of thought that you put into it. It is more important that you consider your dates needs and food preferences and that you keep the following planning tips in mind.

Plan based on dietary preferences and allergies

You could easily ruin the entire night if you plan a meal that your significant other dislikes or is allergic to. It is especially important to find out allergies ahead of time so that you do not include an ingredient that can be dangerous. Either get to know your date ahead of time or consult with them on a good meal idea. You can still surprise them with the drinks, side dishes, and desserts. But, you will know that they enjoy and can eat the main entree choice.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare

It can be helpful to practice the meal ahead of time. However, leaving yourself sufficient preparation time is also acceptable. Make sure you have all of the ingredients ahead of time so you don?t have to make last minute runs to the store. If you are looking for a specific type of meat, you might have to shop early. Shopping online is also a good idea. Purchase your dry aged beef for sale online or buy steaks online that are of a high quality meat cut. You can control your delivery date and you know that your free range meat for sale online will be delivered in time.

Pair drinks and desserts accordingly

The drinks and desserts can really pull a meal together. Do a little research ahead of time and create a meal that pairs together nicely. If you are going to purchase dry aged beef for sale online, you will want to choose a drink and dessert option that goes well with it. With easy access to the internet and an abundance of meal planning programs on the computer, you should have no problem planning the perfect meal. Don?t forget to use garnishments and multiple colors to increase the plate appeal of your meal. It will show your significant other that you really prepared for this special meal.

Don?t forget the appetizers

Some meals, like grass fed beef steaks and the perfect sea food meals, take some time to cook. If you are going to entertain while you are cooking, planning an appetizer can be helpful. It will curb some of your hunger while you complete the meal. If you are going to buy grass fed beef, choose your appetizer based on the dish you are serving. Hamburgers go well with french fries or other finger foods. However, steak dishes of dry aged beef for sale online goes better with green vegetable appetizers. Fortunately, your grass fed beef dish is also healthy, with higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, and offering more vitamin A and E.

Remember the meat is the base of your meal

Despite what you choose to serve in terms of drinks, side dishes, and appetizers, the meat dish is the most important. This is the dish that you should spend the most time preparing and the meat that you should purchase in the highest of quality. Purchasing dry aged beef for sale online or arranging for a grass fed meat delivery allows you to pick the cut of your meats. Grass fed beef has up to seven times more beta carotene than grain fed and is a great dish for a special occasion. When in doubt, go with chicken dishes as on average, Americans consume 90 pounds of chicken every year.

Sometimes, the best dates are date nights in. You have control over the menu and the ambiance of the kitchen. Remember these date night tips for your next meal in with your significant other. They will appreciate the thought and preparation that goes into planning the perfect meal.

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