4 Ways to Become a Better Coffee Shop Manager


There’s no doubting the popularity of coffee throughout the United States. In fact, statistics from 2014 found that the United States imported nearly 27.5 million bags of coffee during this year, making this country the world’s largest buyer. This beverage has many more benefits besides tasting great and providing energy. One study found that three to five cups of coffee each day helps to slow the cognitive decline that comes with aging. Statistics show having this amount of coffee each day leads to a 65% decrease in the onset of Alzheimer’s. Before customers can begin enjoying these benefits, you’ll need to get them into your shop. In this post, you’ll learn how to better manage your coffee shop.

Improving How You Manage Your Coffee Shop

While running a business, it’s understandable to feel like things could be improved. If you’re having these feelings, it’s wise to consider changing how you operate your coffee shop. Fortunately, most of these changes are easy to make. In addition, you should start noticing the positive effects of these changes almost instantly. Considering that, here are four key ways to increase your coffee shop’s efficiency and profitability.

Implementing Virtual Schedules for Your Employees

As a coffee shop manager, it’s hard to keep track of your employees lives. Considering that, you might it wise to begin creating virtual schedules. There are many apps and programs that make creating and managing a work schedule much easier than normal. This means never having to spend busy days reading employees their schedules. In addition, certain types of scheduling programs allow employees to switch shifts with each other.

Getting Rid of Non Paying Customers

It’s important to have an inviting coffee shop. That being said, a shop that’s too inviting often attracts the wrong crowd. At least, the wrong crowd if you’re wanting to increase your shop’s profits. These people are customers who are there for free wifi and electricity, not to purchase drinks or foods. With that in mind, a major aspect of a coffee shop’s profitability is based on how fast customers can get in and out of your business.

The last thing you want is paying customers leaving because tables are being taken over by non paying individuals. This isn’t something that’s lost on major coffee chains. Many of these locations have stopped allowing customers to access wireless internet without purchasing products. If these large chains are cutting out these costs, your shop should consider doing the same thing.

Automate Inventory Ordering

Another aspect of managing your coffee shop has to do with its inventory. For many managers, taking inventory drains many hours out of their typical days. This is even more true for managers running a skeleton crew of workers. Considering that, it’s wise to have a way to automate ordering of your shop’s most popular supplies. Whether it’s wooden coffee stirrers or plastic spoons, you don’t want to run out of these items. For instance, running out of wooden coffee stirrers leave customers with unmixed and unpleasant drinks. Automating ordering tasks ensures your coffee shop always remains stocked with everything you’ll need.

Allow Customers to Serve Themselves

You and your workers know how busy a coffee shop can become. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider having a station for customers to customize their beverages as they see fit. In fact, statistics that 65% of coffee drinkers prefer to add sugar or cream to this beverage. It’s also important to think about what customers are going to do after adding cream and sugar. Considering that, you’ll want to have plenty of wooden coffee stirrers on hand. This allows customers to perfectly mix their cups of coffee.

In closing, learning a few tips will help make your coffee shop much more successful. A key aspect of owning a successful coffee shop is partnering with the right vendors. With that in mind, you’ll want to find a vendor that is reliable. This ensures your coffee shop never has to go without wooden coffee stirrers, napkins, and other important items. While it might take time, implementing the previously mentioned tips is sure to help boost the profitability and efficiency of your coffee shop.

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