You Could Start to Change the World with a Wooden Coffee Stirrer


Wooden stir sticks

Not everyone drinks coffee. But there sure are a lot of people who do. That delicious little pick me up that gives you that warm feeling of indulgence as well as the boost that you need to get through the day, or at least the next task. For anyone who has been living under a rock, all it would take is a stroll down any city street to see the multiple coffee joints to understand that this is one popular drink. And one of the best things about it is that it can be altered to so many different tastes. While 35% of people prefer to drink their coffee black, the rest of the coffee drinkers like to add some sort of concoction of sugar, cream, or some other flavor to the mix. There seem to be plenty of benefits to the delicious drink, but as you stir in your half and half, it is worth thinking a little bit more about the impact that coffee has.

The many intricate levels of coffee

These days, there seems to be controversy everywhere you turn. But this is due in part to the world finally starting to wake up to injustices. It is important to be informed and aware. So instead of buying your coffee from just anywhere, why not find a place that serves only fair trade coffee? And while you’re at it, bring in your own mug or thermos so that you are not adding to overflowing landfills when you toss out your daily disposable cup, or the few of them that you’ve managed to consume in one day. Plain white paper cups are better than fancy styrofoam that cannot be recycled. Does your favorite spot use plastic coffee stirrers? Let them know that you’ll be back only when they have switched over to wooden stir sticks for coffee. You can make a difference, and it can start with something as simple as your morning cup of joe.

By making these conscious and informed decisions, you are sending a message to the businesses that aren’t quite on board yet. If the entire consumer base banded together to let the businesses that sell what they want know what is important, it will become important to everyone.

More benefits of your favorite drink

One recent study showed that three to five cups of coffee each day can actually help to prevent the loss of mental focus and sharpness related to aging. It could even lead to a 65% decrease in the development of types of dementia. Of course, as most people know, that boost of caffeine can lead to productivity in the work day, or for your own personal creativity. And you can’t deny the pleasure of sitting and chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Coffee can bring the world together, and make it a better place, if we are each conscious about how we consume it.

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