Are You Satisfied with the Meat You Serve Your Family?


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The day of giving has ended, and you are quite sure that the benefits you received are greater than the money you donated.
When you woke up to the social media posts about the community day of giving that was going on in your metropolitan area you were intrigued. You immediately recognized a couple of the names on the list: a local theater that you and your wife attend, as well as a local food pantry that some of your friends started. As you meandered your way down the list of groups that were participating in the gift giving day, though, you also saw the names of many other groups that you were not familiar with. One in particular caught your eye. A local farmer offering free range pork, grass fed and free range chicken, and grass fed meat delivery was both interesting and informative. As you read further, however, you also noticed that this particular farmer, though he was on the list of those seeking monetary help, was actually quite well known. In fact, the farmer was trying to raise funds so that he could expand his small operation.
In fact, the free range pork and other items that this farmer offered were so popular that there were more people on the waiting list than on the current customer list. The free range pork was especially popular and the farmer, although he did not want to expand to a large enterprise, wanted to use any donated funds or purchase a small piece of land that was adjacent to his current property.
The Allure of Free Range Pork, Chicken, Beef and Other Products Is Increasing
More and more Americans want to learn more about the source of the food products that they serve their families. As national news programs expose the horrible conditions in some of the nation’s largest meat packing plants, for instance, many Americans are losing their appetite for mass produced meats. The struggle to meat the protein needs of growing children in families across America, however, necessitates the continued search for sustainable pork, chicken, and beef providers. Farmers that practice free range methods can provide their customers with information about their production. Even places that offer sites where their customers can buy free range pork online provide specific details about the products that they provide to their customers. Consider some of these facts and figures about the sustainable meat industry:

  • Pigs raised in a pasture have 300% more vitamin E and 74% more selenium in their milk. These vitamins and nutrients promotes healthier litters.
  • Wild salmon has 32% fewer calories than its farmed counterpart, according to National Nutritional Database data.
  • Beef from grass-fed cows offer more vitamins A and E, as well as having higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Grass fed beef also has as much as seven times more beta carotene than grain fed beef.
  • 60% to 80% of antibiotics produced in the U.S. were given to livestock in their feed according to 2001 estimates. For this reason, a growing number of consumers are looking for meat options that are not tainted by dangerous and unnecessary chemicals and drugs.
  • Even more alarming, a 2011 Clinical Infectious Diseases study estimated that 47% of the meat and poultry products in supermarkets contain Staph bacteria. Is it any wonder an increasing number of Americans are looking for a more healthy protein source?
  • 66.5 pounds of beef is the average amount that most Americans consume every year.
  • 90 pounds of chicken are consumed by the average American every year
  • Finding a safe and sustainable source of protein is a growing concern for an increasing number of Americans. Fearful of exposing their children to unnecessary antibiotics is just one of the reasons that grass fed meet continues to grow in popularity.
  • Humans need protein in their diet. In recent decades, however, the protein that many of us have been consuming has grown increasingly dangerous and harmful. From large amounts of antibiotics to deadly staph, however, the typical industry produced meats are no longer considered a reliable source of this protein for many families.

Are you ready to give your family something that really matters? Safe and sustainable protein products like free range chicken, pork, and beef.

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