Best Muffins for Springtime Baking


Spring is finally here, and with your spring cleaning, why not try some spring baking? With your energy going towards having the best house ever, how about you try making the best muffin ever while you’re at it? Everybody loves muffins, especially warm muffins. Imagine all of your family or friends’ faces when you show up at their door with a basket of fresh-baked muffins. Sounds great, right? Well, this video gives 6 amazing recipes for every kind of muffin you’ll ever need.

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You may have friends with dietary restrictions or food allergies. Muffins are an awesome alternative to cupcakes in that egg and gluten replacements are very easy to find these days. The most popular muffins are ones with fruit or chocolate in them. If you have a chocolate-obsessed friend, they may not even know the difference between a cupcake and the rich chocolate muffin you bake! Adding frosting on muffins is a popular option, but by no means required. Cream cheese frosting is a great addition to almost any muffin. Let your imagination run wild, and get creative with your spring muffins.


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