Conveniently Buy Quality Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon and Other Sustainable Meats Online


Alaskan sockeye salmon

When you love seafood, especially salmon, there are different ways to prepare delicious main course meals. Unless someone has visited or lived in the Pacific Northwest or Alaska, where salmon season is a common topic of discussion, farmed salmon may be a more familiar variety. Wild caught Alaskan salmon, or Alaskan sockeye salmon, is the first choice for many fish lovers.

Besides the obvious, there are some differences between wild-caught and farmed salmon. Wild salmon, for instance, has less calories than farmed. The National Nutritional Database reported that wild-caught salmon has 32% less calories. It’s also interesting to note that a half filet of wild salmon usually has an average of 13 grams of fat. Its farmed counterpart, however, tends to have an average of 27 grams of fat. In terms of saturated fat, farmed salmon has over three times the amount of this type of fat than wild salmon.

If you’ve never prepared fresh salmon before, it’s really simple. While some people may prefer to put it on the grill, weather-willing, others will pan fry or roast their salmon. Drizzling a bit of lemon juice may be popular with some individuals, while others may just add a bit of salt and pepper and a sprig or two of fresh dill. Since there are so many wild salmon recipes available, you may want to explore these and experiment with different ways to prepare this dish. While you likely have a few favorite flavor profiles, why not expand your culinary expertise with a few new recipes?

For individuals that enjoy preparing wild-caught salmon on a regular basis, it can often be a bit challenging to locate it at the local market. Even though some specialty stores may carry wild-caught salmon in their seafood department, were you aware that you can buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon online? When you buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon online, it can be delivered conveniently to your door. Given that more and more Americans are choosing to conduct a considerable amount of their purchases online, it makes sense to add sustainable meats and wild-caught salmon to their online shopping lists.

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