Mexican Dishes Are a Frequent Party Food Offering


The planned event by the river could be described as a taco party on steroids. Nearly every Mexican restaurant in town has signed up to be part of what the city is calling a taco festival. Although all of these restaurants serve many more Mexican dishes than just tacos, for this event the organizers are asking that tacos be the only thing on the menu for the weekend event. Visitors who attend the largest Taco Party ever scheduled for the area, they can expect to find traditional ingredients found on a taco bar, as well as several local spins on the traditional food.

In the year 2016, nearly 234 million Americans used Mexican food and ingredients in their homes. In fact, some of the latest statistics indicate that Americans consume over 4 billion tacos a year. As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are an increasing number of restaurants that feature Mexican cuisine.

Taco Catering Is an Increasingly Popular Offering for Gatherings of All Sizes

Both at wedding receptions and at office gatherings, the decision to offer a taco bar is a tasty and convenient decision. Allowing guests and workers to select the ingredients that they want to have on their own plate creates a setting where everyone will love the food that you serve.

In addition to Mexican dishes that are being served at events, there is also a growing trend in many communities where a taco truck provides tasty, authentic Mexican cuisine. In downtown areas during the lunch hour, at schools on the last day of school, and at festivals throughout the summer, taco trucks are an increasingly popular way for restaurants to offer their menu to a variety of customers.
Making it the most popular international cuisine in the country, the latest research indicates that as many as one in ten restaurants in American offers Mexican food. In fact, as of April 2017, there were more than 59,800 Mexican restaurants in America and Mexican cuisine represents roughly 9% of all restaurants in the country. As one more indicator, salsa has now become the number one condiment nationwide. This is an indication that ketchup and mayo, seemingly the most American of all of the condiments, now have to fall in line behind salsa. In addition, tortillas have now been outselling hot dog buns since the year 2010.

Whether you plan to attend a local Taco Party along the river front or you are stopping for lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant, you are joining a large group of consumers who are all indicating that every day can be a fiesta if you want!

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