Why Taco Bars are a Popular Trend in Event Catering


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There?s a reason for the growing popularity of tacos and Mexican food across the country. Many families with kids have a weekly taco dinner night, and taco bars are the newest trend at weddings and parties across the country. And it makes sense, since tacos combine taste with healthy eating. Guests love being able to build their own tacos, adding their choice of meats, salsa, cilantro, guacamole, peppers and sour cream according to taste.

Who?s eating Mexican food?
The answer to that question is that nearly everyone is tucking into tacos, nachos, tortillas and other delicious food. You don?t have to be Mexican to love the food, with its combination of healthy ingredients like corn, meats and vegetables along with the flavors of salsa and peppers. In fact, Mexican food is the most popular kind of international food in the U.S. today, and Mexican restaurants make up 10% of all international restaurants in the country.
Whether eating out or at home, Americans love tacos and eat about 4 billion each year. Salsa now outsells condiments like mayo and ketchup, and more tortillas have been sold than hot dog buns each year since 2010. It was only a matter of time before tacos became a favorite party food as well, and that time is now.

Bringing Mexican food to your party
Whether you?re celebrating a kids birthday party or a organizing a large corporate event, you can ensure its success by adding tacos to the menu. You have a whole range of choices, the first of which is to decide if you prefer to have the ready made tacos delivered or if you?d rather set up a taco bar.
With a taco bar, you also get the staff to set up and serve delicious tacos to your guests, with each taco made according to individual taste. Guest can choose from premium steak, chicken, or pork to start with. Grilled vegetables add a healthy touch of color. Toppings include red or green salsa, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, rice, and beans. Adding shredded lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream makes for the perfect taste combination.

Setting up taco catering
Just one word of advice: if you decide to add taco catering to your event, be sure to allow plenty of space at the table, because your guests will be lining up for second and third helpings. And when ordering tacos, allow for four to six for each guest. It?s always better to have a little extra left over than to run out. Tacos make great leftovers too.
Also, be prepared for your taco party to be the talk of the town for weeks and even months. Don?t be surprised if you set a new trend in casual catering and healthy eating.

With the growing popularity of Mexican food across the country, event catering companies are adding taco bars to their offerings. If you want to serve healthy and delicious food to your guests, this is a great option.

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