Taking A Look At The Widespread Popularity Of Ice Cream And Other Frozen Treats In The United States


Everyone loves a frozen treat, especially here in the United States. When the weather is hot and the summer days are often muggy and long, having an ice cream cone or even a cup of frozen yogurt is an ideal way to cool off or to even close the day. For many people, ice cream not only transports them back to their nostalgic childhood years, but also provides them with a seasonal treat to enjoy. Many people in the United States, however, will not only enjoy ice cream and other frozen desserts like frozen yogurt cups but also during the winter months (which, in the vast majority of the country, are considerably colder) as well.

In fact, it’s estimated that nearly half of the entire population (around 40% of it, to be a little bit more precise) will actually consume ice cream on a biweekly basis, if not even more frequently than that. On top of this, the average adult is liable to eat ice cream (or other frozen treats such as frozen yogurt cups) more than 28 times over the course of just one year, sometimes even far more frequently than that. Frozen desserts can be consumed in many different ways, as well, from going to an ice cream parlor or a frozen yogurt shop selling frozen yogurt cups and smoothies to buying such frozen treats in your typical grocery store and enjoying them in the comfort of your very own home.

However, you’ll need to decide exactly what type of frozen treat it is that you want. If you’re looking to watch your weight or be more conscientious of your overall health, you might consider enjoying frozen yogurt cups (and plastic spoons) instead of the traditional ice cream cone. With more than 2,500 frozen yogurt stores now currently open here in the United States alone, let alone in other parts of the country, there is no shortage of frozen yogurt cups and other forms of frozen yogurt available for sale and consumption, making the process of making a healthier choice truly easier than it has ever been before.

And frozen yogurt cups are not just popular for their healthier caloric intake. In addition to this, many people like to get frozen yogurt cups because they are able to customer their frozen yogurt experience. Many a frozen yogurt shop includes a variety of toppings that the consumer can add themselves, as most frozen yogurt cups are charged by weight instead of a set price. For many people, this is more than ideal, as it allows them to control the overall health of their frozen yogurt cups consumed, as these frozen yogurt cups can typically be topped with everything from fresh fruit to cookie crumbles and candy pieces – it all depends on personal preference and, of course, overall commitment to a diet plan or overall health.

But it is certainly fine to really and truly indulge every once in awhile. And when you choose to do so, it’s ideal to have some real ice cream. After all, the fat content of ice cream can be as high as 14% milk fat in any given carton of ice cream. Gelato is another great way to indulge, as gelato, even though it typically has no more than 8% milk fat, is much denser than ice cream, which has 50% air churned into it during the churning process. Gelato, on the other hand, has no more than 30% air churned into it during the churning process, and sometimes as little as 25% air, which is only half of the air that ice cream has. And though gelato first originated overseas, it has become widely popular here in the United States as well.

All in all, ice cream is a hugely popular dessert item here in the United States and in many other parts of the world as well, but it is certainly not alone in the category of popular frozen desserts. Frozen yogurt cups, for instance, are also popular, as is gelato in all of its many iterations in the United States.

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