Gelato Spoons and Supplies for Frozen Treats


What is cool and fun any time? That would have to be frozen treats! There are many choices for a cool and smooth frozen dessert: ice cream sundaes, frozen yogurt cups and spumoni, to name a few. But one of the most refreshing desserts after a wonderful meal–or any time, that is–would be a frozen treat such as gelato.

Talk about a guilt-free pleasure! Since it is 25-30% air and has only 3-8% milkfat, gelato is a virtual natural wonder of the dessert world! Healthy and tasty, gelato is available in an array of flavors such as chocolate, banana, cherry, caramel, mango, coffee and raspberry (plus dozens and dozens more)!

Gelato makes a bright and appealing presentation. In fact, sweet, frozen treats are enjoyed by ninety percent of U.S. households. But, like most frozen desserts–such as , gelato is served mainly in a cup or a cone (mostly a cup). And tasting wonderful gelato cup desserts requires gelato spoons. These little shovel-looking accessories are often brightly-colored spoons, known as “palletina” are often available at the freezer case, where the big decision about choosing just the right flavor of gelato takes place.

Gelato spoons, which can also be used for soups, frozen yogurt and desserts, offer the taster a nice portion of frozen dessert. Usually gelato spoons are made of plastic. They are easily disposable and available in a variety of bright, pretty colors–all designed to add to the fun of the dessert experience!

Presentation is a key factor in offering an appetizing and appealing dish, whether it is an entree, salad or dessert. And gelato is no exception. How many times have you fumbled with paper ice cream cups that don’t hold the ice cream well? How many times have you had your ice cream or frozen yogurt cups or disposable ice cream cups leak and let your melting yummy dessert slid along your are? Ugh! This takes the fun right out of a frozen dessert treat, doesn’t it?

That is why it is critical to have high-quality dessert supplies. Investing in yogurt cups, custom ice cream cups, gelato cups and gelato spoons that are durable, attractive and easy to use by both big and little hands is a serious aspect of creating a fun dessert experience.

With the right container–and the right “palletina” gelato spoons–the sky’s the limit on frozen treat fun!

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