The Basics You Need To Know Before Buying A Reefer Trailer


What Is A Reefer Trailer?

A Reefer trailer is essentially a refrigerated truck that is used to contain and transport temperature-sensitive items. The basis of how a reefer trailer works deals with the fundamental laws of Physics, which allow the items in the truck to remain cold to support the “cold” and “fresh” temperature range for perishable items. The temperatures in reefer trailers typically reach around –20 to 70 degrees to range in between its hold and cold options, depending on what’s being stored and delivered. Reefer trailers are used in nearly almost every field—in January 2018, the FBI ordered approximately 40,000 reefer trailers, according to FTR Transportation Intelligence, and the number of reefer trailers significantly increased as high as 250% between January 2017 to 2018.

Why Reefer Trailers Are Important

A reefer unit is imperative to meeting the rising demand for perishable foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. The economic growth of some regions of the world are experiencing is brought about by the consistent urbanization in developing regions and countries that account for changing lifestyles, usually starting first and foremost with foods. For example, Timmy’s parents have moved him and his little sister, Dia to a rural, developing town in Arizona—food was historically locally-grown but the town’s population is experiencing a sudden increase of families, and the region’s natural resources are becoming scarce. The town decides to outsource its food to maintain its resources and saves themselves from starving and stripping their land. Feeding a rapidly growing population would not have been possible without a reefer trailer to transport the food while the unit keeps it cool and safe for consumption. Deciding to buy reefer trailer is the ideal investment for companies who are looking to expand their routes at an affordable price.

However, when thinking about if you want to buy reefer trailer, let alone the reefer unit, it can be expensive. Buying reefer trailers wholesale is an option for small companies wanting to start-up their business without breaking the bank. Purchasing used reefer trailers reduces the cost significantly, and they are pre-installed with a new reefer unit so small companies won’t have to worry about footing an additional bill. There is a strong trend rising around to buy reefer trailer, because of the need for food safety in emerging economies, with researchers predicting the global refrigerated trailer market estimated around $7, 658 billion as early as 2022. Buying used Thermo King refrigeration units or used trailer refrigeration units allows companies to remain competitive and their promise of safely transporting food while being able to meet the demand, due to transportation cost being cut in half.

How Do You Choose The Best Trailer Reefer?

1. If you’re in the market to buy reefer trailer, it’s also crucial to know how to choose a good one from a slightly or heavily used trailer that could give you potential problems. When comparing between two different trailers, it’s important to compare your personal uses for the trailer and the major brands to see if any particular features stand out. Typically, when comparing Thermo King to Carrier Reefer Units, there is a distinction between options, such as skirts, tails, and time systems that could all be potentially beneficial to the driver.

2. When factoring in purchasing a new, used or wholesale reefer units, it’s important to understand the differences besides their physical appearance. Most companies tend to invest in lightly used reefer trailers to cut cost without sacrificing the entire trailer’s purpose through opting for the lowest prices. Refurbished reefers are also popular for their physical and mechanical upkeep without the price tag.

3. Keeping up with the number of hours tacked on when you want to buy reefer trailer is important to factor in as well. The hours on a reefer are very telling of how much the unit or trailer has endured and its overall lifespan before even purchasing it. The number of hours logged depends on how often the trailer has been used—an average used reefer trailer is between 3,000-4,000 hours per year, which is doubled on the reefer unit.

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