The Benefits of Buying a Renew Reefer Trailer


So you’re on the market for a refrigerated trailer, but you still haven’t decided what kind you want to get. Should you buy a brand new trailer? A used one? Or what about the renew reefer trailers you’ve heard about? While there are benefits to all three options, purchasing a renew reefer trailer is the best way to get the most quality for the best price.

What is a Renew Reefer Trailer?

Renew trailers are sort of a happy medium between new and used. The trailer itself is usually lightly used, but has a new reefer unit installed. They are becoming a more popular option within the industry because of the benefits that come with them and how great of an economic choice they are.

Quality on a Budget

One of the biggest draws of these renew trailers is that you get the best of both worlds. You pay a lower price due the trailer being used, but you still get all the benefits of a brand new reefer unit. A used reefer unit might not last you very long and can have more complications than a used trailer, so if you have to choose between a new trailer and a new unit, you definitely want the new unit. These trailers also save your company money on other things such as maintenance and replacement costs.

Where to Buy One

It’s getting easier and easier to find renew reefer trailers for sale. They are steadily becoming more popular, so the market for them is quickly heating up. You can find them by reaching out to places that have used reefer trailers for sale and asking if they have any renew units available. You can also search for them in your area online.

Renew reefer trailers are the smartest choice you can make for your company. Not only can you buy three renew trailers for the price of two new ones, but you can save even more on repairs costs. You get all of this without sacrificing quality, so your business can continue to function at full capacity. This is an industry trend that is worth following.

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