What Are You Serving for Dinner Tonight?


Buy grass fed steaks

Your family is trying to plan more healthy meals and is looking for a way to make sure that you are eating more environmentally friendly foods. From making sure to prepare grass fed meat recipes to looking for sustainable meat sources close to home, to making sure that at least a third of your meal plates are filled with vegetables, you are committed to these new goals. The fact that you are able to prepare grass fed meat recipes that your children love is an added bonus. The fact that they are also eating more vegetables means that you know their daily meals are healthier than they have ever been before.
When was the last time that you tried to improve the eating habits of your family? If you are tired of serving over processed foods to yourself, your spouse, and your children or you are looking forward to simply improving the taste of the meat that you serve, finding the right grass fed meat delivery service is the solution you may be looking for.
The decision to buy steaks and meat online is a decision to be able to budget for the main expense of your meals. Making bulk purchases, for instance, can often help you save significant amounts of money on your meal planning.
Finding the time that it takes to go to the grocery store can be challenging for working families, so by purchasing wild caught Alaskan salmon, free range pork, and other proteins online can help save both time and energy. These purchases which are conveniently delivered to your door means that not only can you save time going to the store, you can also save money on expensive meals out at restaurants because you have the main dishes that you need to prepare on hand.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the online option of ordering beef, pork, and seafood online:

  • Wild salmon has 32% fewer calories than its farmed counterpart, according to National Nutritional Database data.
  • Compared to 27 grams in farmed salmon, wild salmon averages only 13 grams of fat in a half filet.
  • Compared to grain fed beef, grass fed beef has as many as seven times more beta carotene.
  • Offering more vitamins A and E, beef from grass-fed cows also has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Americans consume an average of 90 pounds of chicken every year.
  • Americans eat an average of 66.5 pounds of beef every single year.

Whether you are trying to be more environmentally friendly or you are simply trying to serve your family tastier cuts of meat, grass fed meat recipes may be just the solution you are looking for.

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