Why Eating Organic Food Matters


Organic foods definition

If you are a conscientious food lover, you may very well be considering the addition of organic foods to your diet. But what does that mean, and how can that benefit both your personal health and the sustainability of quality food for the community at large?

It is first important to state a basic definition of organic food. Simply put, food that is organic, whether it be vegetables, fruits, meat, or other product, has not been farmed using unnatural processes or by adding chemicals such as pesticides to the food. The food is essentially delivered to you the consumer in its natural state, without being altered for the purpose of mass production and distribution.

The organic foods definition also excludes any food product that has been biologically altered in any way, either for the purpose of cost reduction or other factor related to overall efficiency for the corporation producing or distributing the food. A recent hot button issue related to this is the debate of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. Many advocate for the use of non GMO labels,so that consumers will have a clear idea as to what it is they are actually eating. This also helps to verify that products claiming to be natural are adhering to the organic food definition.

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