Would You Rather Put Something Natural Into Your Body, or Something Soaked in Chemicals? Consider Going Organic


Definition of organic food

The term Organic Foods is thrown around like the pig skin on Thanksgiving nowadays. As such, most people have heard of it, but tend not to know the actual definition of Organic Foods. One of the problems convoluting the Organic Foods definition is that some companies are applying the title to their products when they should not be, kingnow that it will draw a certain crowd of consumer that is willing to pay more for a higher quality product.

The organic food definition is the food produced as a result of organic farming. Organic farming is the act of farming without the use of synthetics of any kind, such as pesticides or chemical fertilizers, growth hormones or antibiotics. They are not processed using irradiation, chemical additives or industrial solvents.

The movement to organic farming actually started farther back than most people know. It burgeoned in the 1940s in response to agricultural industrialization known as the Green Revolution. All of the bad things that we see done with crops and livestock today can all be traced back to the Green Revolution over 70 years ago.

Setting up your own private garden behind your house may be organic, but you are not allowed to sell your produce on a large scale labelled as such. In order to be deemed organic, a farm must meet strict criteria and obtain official certification, proving that their farming meets the standards of organics that have been set down by national and international organizations.

Science has not come out and stated that organic food is any healthier, or even tastes any better, than standard farmed foods. They claim to have insufficient evidence to make such bold proclamations. However, I challenge you to take a fresh, organic tomato grown in season from your local farmers market, and then grab one from the mountain at your local grocery store. Cut them both up, put just a tiny pinch of kosher salt on a slice from each, maybe a splash of olive oil, and then try them both. Tell me that the one from the farmers market does not taste better and I will tell you that you need to get your taste buds checked.

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